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What is the story of Alaipayuthey?

What is the story of Alaipayuthey?

A computer expert (Madhavan) and a crusading doctor (Shalini) marry in secret, then deal with death and trauma.Alai Payuthey / Film synopsis

Who was the first choice for Alaipayuthey?

Mani Ratnam was developing this idea along side Dil se (1998), Manisha Koirala & Shahrukh Khan was his first choice for both films.

Is Alaipayuthey Hindi dubbed?

Other versions. Alaipayuthey was dubbed and released in Telugu under the title Sakhi. It was later remade in Hindi as Saathiya, by Ratnam’s assistant Shaad Ali in 2002.

How long is Alaipayuthey movie?

20 years
Alaipayuthey completed 20 years of release on April 20, and fans of the film threw back to scenes and songs from the film. Directed by Mani Ratnam, the original film released on April 14, 2000.

What is the story of Saathiya movie?

Following the trials and tribulations of newlyweds Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherjee. Middle-class city dwellers, the young couple face many conflicts and family divisions on their path to happiness, from the naïve wonder of first love to the harsher realities of living together as a married couple.Saathiya / Film synopsis

How many songs are in Alaipayuthey?

9 songs
There are a total of 9 songs in Alaipayuthey.

How old was Shalini in Alaipayuthey?

Best known for her performance in the 2000 movie Alaipayuthey, Shalini Kumar made her acting debut at the age of 3 with the Malayalam film Ente Mamattikkuttiyammakku. She was credited as Baby Shalini for her appearances in movies as a child artist.

Is Saathiya a good movie?

Shaad Ali’s Saathiya is one of the best films of 2002. Everything about it — from the story line, the cinematography, locations, emotions, performances to A.R. Rahman’s beautiful soundtrack — makes it a worthy film.

Where was Saathiya movie shot?

Then in April 2002, Company released and on that weekend, we had to shoot on the tracks close to Gaiety-Galaxy theatre (in Mumbai).

What Ragam is Alaipayuthey?

The song is based on the raga “Kharaharapriya” and brings out the relaxing effect by using the facets of the musical scales.

What happened between Rani and Vivek?

Known for her fiery temper and sharp tongue, Rani didn’t mince words and had a heated arguement with Vivek, which put a final end to any chances the two of them ever had of being friends. Ever since then, the two have gone separate ways and never speak of each other with any liking.

Is Saathiya movie hit or flop?

India Box Office Collection

Movie Name Release Date Verdict
Masti 09 Apr 2004 Hit
Darna Mana Hai 25 Jul 2003 Flop
Dum 24 Jan 2003 Flop
Saathiya 20 Dec 2002 Average

Who is the director of Alaipayuthey?

Mani RatnamAlai Payuthey / Director

What is the raga of Snehithane?

The main ragas of ‘Snehithane’ are however, Sivaranjani and Mohanam.