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How do you use a Uniden Bearcat police scanner?

How do you use a Uniden Bearcat police scanner?

Programming a Handheld Model of the Uniden Bearcat Scanner Press the “Scan” button to put the handheld into scanning mode and press “Manual” to enter manual programming mode. Your scanner will have a number of available channels that can be programmed. Enter the channel number you wish to use and press “Manual” again.

How do you reset a Uniden police scanner?

Press and hold the L/O and PROG buttons. While holding L/O and PROG, turn the scanner on. Release the L/O and PROG buttons. The scanner has been reset to factory-new status.

How do you set the squelch on a Uniden scanner?

Follow these steps to set the scanner’s squelch.

  1. Adjust VOLUME to a comfortable listening level.
  2. Repeatedly press MANUAL until you do not hear a signal.
  3. Turn SQUELCH fully clockwise.
  4. Turn SQUELCH counterclockwise until you hear a hiss.
  5. Turn SQUELCH back clockwise just until the hiss stops. This sets the squelch so that.

What does lockout mean on a police scanner?

Lockout (LO) Response to gain entry to a locked space, typically when there is an immediate secondary risk associated with not gaining immediate access.

What is lock out on scanner?

Temporary Lock-Out Function – lets you set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching. This temporary lock-out releases when you manually unlock the channels or frequencies or when you power down the scanner.

How do I adjust the squelch on my Uniden scanner?

What is the squelch button for?

What is squelch? The squelch control is arguably the most important of any on a VHF radio. In scientific terms it acts as a noise gate to cut the ever-present background radio noise generated by atmospheric activity and man-made sources.

Where can I get a program manual for a Uniden scanner?

Where can I get a free program manual for a Uniden police scanner? You can download it for free. Just Google the brand and model and you should have no problem finding it. Thanks! When I put a frequency in a channel, do I need to press SCAN to get it to work?

How do I manually enter frequencies on a scanner?

Press the button that is labeled “Manual” to manually enter frequencies. After you hit “Manual,” enter the channel number you wish to use, followed by “Manual” again. Alternately, if you do not have a list of frequencies or just want to explore a bit, you can hit the “SCAN” button and the scanner will scan available frequencies.

How do I use the scanner to listen to traffic?

You need to press SCAN so whenever there is traffic, or messages, on this frequency, it’ll stop on this frequency and you can listen. Thanks! How can I get a free manual for a Uniden brand Pro-67 scanner?

What is a police scanner?

Learn more… A “police scanner” is another name for a radio scanner, a communication device that monitors radio signals in your local area.