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Do Vitamix containers fit all models?

Do Vitamix containers fit all models?

Are all Vitamix containers interchangeable? No! (They used to be, but with more recent releases, that is no longer the case.

What is a Vitamix vented lid?

The 48 oz container also has a vented lid, so you’re able to make hot soups in it. Without a vented or tamper-compatible lid, the 20 oz cup is limited to smoothies, dressings, sauces, juices, nut milks, etc.

Can you make small batches in the Vitamix 64 oz container?

The low-profile 64-ounce container that comes with most new Vitamix models can make small batches of most blends like smoothies, whole-food juices, etc. The challenge is with small batches of thick blends like nut butters, hummus, or ice cream.

Does Vitamix replace container?

If, in Vitamix’s sole discretion, the failed Container or Container Component cannot be repaired, Vitamix will elect to either (A) replace the Container or Container Component free of charge or (B) refund the full purchase price to the owner, unless Vitamix receives prior written notice of the owner’s preference.

What are the different Vitamix containers?

Legacy Vitamix Containers

  • 64-oz (tall) BUY NOW. 64-oz (low-profile) BUY NOW. 48-oz. BUY NOW.
  • 48-oz stainless steel. BUY NOW. 48-oz Aer disc. BUY NOW. 32-oz. BUY NOW.
  • 32-oz dry. BUY NOW. 20-oz blending cup. BUY NOW.

How can I tell which Vitamix I have?

The name of your Vitamix model can be found on the front of the motor base. You can also determine which model you have by contacting Customer Service with the serial number located on the back of your motor base, under the bar code.

Can you grind coffee beans in a Vitamix wet container?

You can grind any grade of coffee beans in a Vitamix blender, either using the wet container or the Vitamix dry container. Your best bet is the dry container.

Can you use a Mason jar with a Vitamix?

This is your new adapter that lets you put your soft-easy-to-blend food stuff ingredients into up to a 20oz large wide-mouth glass Mason Jar (Kerr or Ball) and use it on your Blendtec type, Waring MX style Power Blender, or the Vitamix- derivatives of Smoothie Blenders.

Is it better to have a glass or plastic blender?

Plastic jars are lighter and therefore better for blending large batches, but they also can absorb odors and become stained or scratched after extended use. Glass jars are heavier but less likely to retain food smells, and they won’t discolor or scratch over time.