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Are clone clubs worth it?

Are clone clubs worth it?

If you purchase the right knock off clubs, they are absolutely worth it. Some groups of golfers should stay away from the clone clubs in general. If you are a lower handicapper, the clone golf clubs will not have the performance or the quality you need in your game.

What is a clone golf club?

Clone golf clubs are designed to resemble more notable brands. Clone golf clubs typically copy some of the design features and materials of brand name golf clubs such as Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Titliest and TaylorMade. Legitimate clone companies make it clear that the consumer is buying cloned clubs.

Are fake golf clubs any good?

There’s a reason counterfeit clubs are cheap. They’re probably not very good at being golf clubs. We’re all for taking risks on the golf course, but it’s probably worth playing it safe when it comes to investing in new gear this year. For more tips, check out the group’s website at

Are clone golf clubs legal?

Are clone golf clubs legal? Clones are completely legal. They are created to look and perform similar to their brand name counterparts and reputable manufacturers will not infringe on any patents or copywrites of a name brand clubs.

Do they make fake Callaway irons?

Legitimate Callaway serial numbers are stamped clearly with uniform digits. Counterfeit clubs might be missing the serial number or contain a serial number that is crooked. Contact Callaway to check whether the serial number is legitimate.

Are Pinemeadow golf clubs legal?

Their clubs are made from essentially the same materials and design principles, use many of the same shaft and grip suppliers, and perform similar to (or often better than) the name brand products. What they do is entirely legal.

Are my TaylorMade irons fake?

Authentic TaylorMade golf clubs have a serial number on the hosel of each wood and on the 5-iron or the 7-iron (depending on the model) in each set of irons. If your club does not have that serial number, it may not be a genuine TaylorMade.

How can you tell fake irons?

How to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

  1. May have a strong rubber odor like a swimming pool float or a bicycle tire.
  2. The grips logos may also not be aligned properly when the club is sitting at address.
  3. If there is a brand logo, many times the paint fill will be coming out and the font will be slightly different.

How can you tell a fake TaylorMade golf club?

Are Pinemeadow clubs clones?

Finally, the Pinemeadow SL Putter caps off the list of the best clone golf clubs in 2022.

Where are Pinemeadow golf clubs manufactured? is the e-commerce site for Pinemeadow Golf Products, Inc., located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We have been in the golf club building business for many years.

What is the best brand of golf clubs?

The first port of call to test golf clubs is usually the indoor simulator Thankfully most brands make models at different price points so you can rest assured there will be a top-performing model for you, however much you want to spend.

Should you buy golf clubs online?

You should be no less demanding from an online purchase than you are in working directly with a salesperson on the floor of a golf shop. 6. Pricing: For a used club, you can look up on the…

How to customize golf clubs?

– Rubber shaft holder and bench vise

  • – Ferrules (these are the black decorative trip pieces that hide the transition from the head to the shaft)
  • – Grips.
  • – Grip tape and solvent.
  • – Tubing cutter for steel shafts or hacksaw with a fine blade for graphite shafts
  • – Dremel or other rotary tool with sanding drum
  • – Shafting Epoxy
  • What are the best golf clubs?

    head a few miles south from Troon North to Grayhawk Golf Club, where you’ll find two courses ranked inside Golf Digest’s best public tracks in state. The Talon Course (below) not only features views of the McDowell Mountains and the Scottsdale skyline