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What style of karate is Motobu Choki from?

What style of karate is Motobu Choki from?

KarateMotobu Chōki / Martial artKarate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom. It developed from the indigenous Ryukyuan martial arts under the influence of Chinese martial arts, particularly Fujian White Crane. Wikipedia

Who taught Choki Motobu?

Chōki was the third son of the Motobu Udun (“Motobu Palace”), one of the cadet branches of the Ryūkyūan royal family….Motobu Chōki.

Motobu Choki
Style Shuri-te, Tomari-te, Motobu-ryū
Teacher(s) Sōkon Matsumura, Sakuma Pechin, Ankō Itosu, Kosaku Matsumora
Rank Sōke, Founder of Motobu-ryū

What Dan Rank is Jesse Enkamp?

10th dan
But people call Hokama Sensei a master, of course, and he is a 10th dan, 10th degree black belt in Okinawa. Since that day, I went back many times as I got older as well.

How old is Jesse Enkamp?

If you are not (yet) a member of his loyal legion of followers, get to know one of the most renowned karatekas in cyberspace: Jesse Enkamp. The 28-year-old karateka has gathered a massive online community of enthusiasts and self-proclaimed “Karate Nerds” who share the same passion for the martial art.

What is Motobu ryu karate?

Motobu-Ryu Karate or Motobu Kenpo, it is a demonstration of the 12 kumite drills Choki Motobu created. Is a school of karate founded by Choki Motobu in 1922. The official full name is Nihon Denryu Heiho Motobu Kenpo (“Japan’s traditional tactics Motobu Kenpo”).

What is Motobu Udundi karate?

Motobu Udundi (本部御殿手) a Motobu family style of karate, is also sometimes called Motobu-ryū or Motobu-ryū Udundi. It is a combination of the native Okinawan martial arts Te (an earlier name for Karate), Okinawan kobudō and Ryukyuan Dance.

What is motmotobu’s karate?

Motobu’s karate is marked by a series of two man kumite drills, which were an advancement in the popular thinking and instructional methods of the time. His curriculum heavily favored the Naihanchi kata because of the correspondence between its applications ( bunkai) and actual fighting, which he experienced in brawls as a young man.

What was the relationship between Motobu and Funakoshi like?

The development of these two men was as different as their personalities. From a class standpoint, Motobu was of higher dignity (the Motobu family having been high ranking nobles under the former feudal Okinawan kingship) than Funakoshi. Funakoshi’s family possessed some minor status, but Motobu was from one of the grandest lines on Okinawa.