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What do you think Ganaron means?

What do you think Ganaron means?

obtain, to Verb (obtains; obtained; obtaining)

How do you use ganar in Spanish?

There are several expressions we use with the verb ganar. These include but are not limited to ganar dinero (earn money), ganar un premio (win a prize), ganar prestigio (gain prestige), ganar tiempo (gain time), and ganar la confianza de una persona (to earn a person’s trust).

How do you conjugate ganar?

Ganar is a Spanish regular ar verb meaning to win, to earn….Ganar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo gano
él/ella gana
nosotros/as ganamos
vosotros/as ganáis

What does the verb saber mean in Spanish?

to know
Saber is a verb that means to know and you can find how to pronounce it here: The Spanish word saber means to know, but only when you’re talking about knowing information, facts and so on. Incidentally, it’s where we get the word ‘savvy’ from. Watch out for the accent on the letter ‘e’ in these examples. Sí, ya lo sé.

What does the word nada mean in Spanish?

Most experts attribute the English use of nada to Ernest Hemingway, who borrowed it from Spanish, in which it means “nothing.” The Latin root, nata, means “small, insignificant thing.”

How do you use perder in Spanish in a sentence?

Use 1. English: I’ve lost my train ticket. Español: He perdido mi billete de tren. English: I want to lose 4 kilos by summer. Español: Quiero perder 4 kilos para el verano.

Should I use saber or conocer?

Here is a quick summary of how to decide between saber and conocer: Saber: facts, information, how to do something. Conocer: people, places, things. So for example, if you ‘know’ a person (a friend or someone famous), you always have to use conocer.

Does Sabe mean taste in Spanish?

The phrase saber a can be used to indicate what something tastes like: Yo no he comido iguana, pero se dice que sabe a pollo. I haven’t eaten iguana, but they say it tastes like chicken. Remember that saber is conjugated irregularly.

What does Ganar mean in English?

Conjugation Vocabulary Sign in ganar ganar Add to list to win to earn Dictionary Conjugation Examples Pronunciation Thesaurus ganar( gah nahr A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.). transitive verb 1. (to obtain) a.

How many translations of Ganar are there in English?

See 12 authoritative translations of Ganar in English with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. Learn Spanish Translation Conjugation Vocabulary Sign in ganar ganar Add to list

What does Ganar un Premio mean?

ganar un premio to win a prize ganar dinero to earn money contrario de ganar opposite of winning ganar el partido to win the game ganar bien to earn good money ni ganar ni perder neither to earn nor to lose necesito ganar dinero I need to earn some money

What does Ganar la Vida mean?

se gana la vida de barrenderohe earns his living as a street sweeper 15. (merecer) a. to deserve nos hemos ganado unas vacacioneswe’ve earned o we deserve a holiday Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited ganar transitive verb 1[+sueldo]to earn