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Can you see whale sharks in Mexico?

Can you see whale sharks in Mexico?

Whale sharks are seen in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez throughout the year, but the fish are much easier to find between October and February. In the Mexican Caribbean, whale sharks congregate north of Cancún along the Yucatán Peninsula from mid-May to mid-September.

What whales can you swim with in Mexico?

Liveaboard diving in Mexico is extremely popular with divers looking to encounter large pelagics and is one of the only places in the world where you can swim with humpback whales.

Are there whale sharks in Cancun?

Whale shark season in Cancun typically falls between May and April, however, the peak whale shark season takes place between July and August. So if you want your best chance of seeing a whale shark in Cancun, July through August is your best bet. Whale sharks leave Cancun about mid September.

Are there whale sharks in Cabo?

Underneath the surface of the ocean in Cabo San Lucas is a whole new world full of exotic and dazzling creatures. One of the magnificent creatures that journeys to the waters near the city are whale sharks.

Where are the whale sharks in Mexico?

Whale sharks are found off the coast of Cancun, Mexico during part of the year (early June to mid-sept) and are also found the open water off the coasts of the following countries: South Africa, Djibouti, Belize, Australia, India, Honduras, Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia, Papua, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Oman …

Are the whale sharks in Cancun yet?

Whale Shark Season in Cancun The best time to see and snorkel with whale sharks in Cancun is from June to September, experience one of the biggest whale shark migrations in the world.

When can you see whale sharks in Mexico?

Is Coral Bay or Exmouth better for whale sharks?

You are more likely to swim with whale sharks at Exmouth (but only just – sightings at Coral Bay still happen at least 80 per cent of the time). Coral Bay is better known for its manta ray swims.

Are there whales in Riviera Maya?

Riviera Maya The answer is no; it is not a whale. This shark is the largest fish in the world, reaching 18 meters in length. Remember that whales are mammals, not fish. From May to September, there are great experiences in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Where can I swim with whale sharks in Baja?

Near El Mogote’s sand spit, the outer bay serves as a whale shark nursery and here you will be able to observe and swim with the biggest fish in the ocean! Whale sharks are filter-feeding carpet sharks that reach a length of 62 feet / 19 meters and may live even longer than humans.

What time of year can you swim with whale sharks in Cabo?

Most of the giant fish arrive in La Paz Bay in October and stay there until March or April. But October to February is the season when spotting them is guaranteed. About a hundred whale sharks swim and feed near Cabo San Lucas at that this of the year.

Can you swim with whale sharks in Cancun?

Here at Cancun Adventures with our expert team, from the beginning of June to mid-September, you get the chance to snorkel with whale sharks in Cancun and experience these marine giants like never before. Swim alongside 10-meter (35-foot) whale sharks with the safety of our trained expert snorkeling guides.

What time of year are whale sharks in Cabo?

There are whale sharks almost year round, but the highest concentration of individuals is between November and April. This natural phenomenon gives people an opportunity to experience one of the most exciting encounters between people and nature.

What time of year are whale sharks in Coral Bay?

The whale shark season typically runs from mid-March to the end of June in Coral Bay and mid-march to late July or early August in Exmouth. Learn more about what to expect on a Ningaloo whale shark tour here alongside some frequently asked questions.

Can you see whale sharks in Playa del Carmen?

If you love adventure and book your vacation between May and September, swimming with whale sharks in Playa del Carmen would be an amazing experience. Whale sharks can grow as long as 20 meters and are the largest fish in the ocean! You know you want to see these gentle giants up close.

How much does it cost to swim with whale sharks in Cabo?

Whale Shark Tour Self-Drive

START Monday to Saturday from October through April at 7:00 am
PLEASE NOTE: This tour is not allowed for guest who are pregnant or those with heart, back and/or neck problems. No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is allowed on the tour.
PRICE: $100.00 USD

When can you see whale sharks in Baja Mexico?

Whale Sharks can be seen in Baja California Eastern coast from June to December. Notwithstanding their size, they are peaceful animals that mean no harm to humans. Because of their size and feeding habits they are commonly known as Whale Sharks (Rhincodon Typus, Smith 1828).

What months can you swim with whale sharks in Mexico?

Why visit the Ningaloo whale shark swim experience?

Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim Experience wonder up very close and personal swimming next to a truly massive, truly stunning humpback whale. Join the Gold Medal-winning whale shark exmouth cruise voted the Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia for a wonder-filled day cruising and diving the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef.

Where can I swim with whale sharks in Australia?

Swim with the largest fish in the ocean, the Whale Shark, every year between mid-March and mid-July in the Ningaloo Marine Park following the mass spawning of coral. Tours are accessible from Coral Bay and Exmouth on Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef. Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours

How many sharks did we see on the Ningaloo Reef?

Eight whale sharks, three humpbacks, huge jellies, and Mantas all danced in our presence. It really was one of the best things we have ever done. Ningaloo was so much better then the GBR.

What to do in Ningaloo Reef?

Experience wonder with us! Each day we have the privilege of taking guests from all over the world out to swim with the amazing whalesharks, and or humpback whales and or mant rays, and experience the marine wonderland that is the Ningaloo Reef.