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What is difference between Gamma and lambda-cyhalothrin?

What is difference between Gamma and lambda-cyhalothrin?

Lambda-cyhalothrin was one of the six pyrethroid products on the list (ICAMA, 2004). Gamma-cyhalothrin (GCH) is the latest generation pyrethroid insecticide and contains only the active stereoisomer of the two isomers found in lambda-cyhalothrin (LCH) (Fig.

Is gamma-cyhalothrin toxic to humans?

The scientific quality is relatively high, and the toxicity profile of gamma-cyhalothrin can be characterized for all effects, including potential developmental, reproductive and neurotoxic effects.

Is lambda-cyhalothrin toxic to humans?

Lambda-cyhalothrin has moderate acute oral, dermal, and inhalation toxicity in humans; however, the proposed method of application and adherence to label requirements substantially reduces the potential for exposure to humans and the environment, including nontarget fish and wildlife.

How long does gamma-cyhalothrin last?

Skin exposure may result in tingling, itching, burning, or prickly sensation with immediate onset or up to 4 hours after exposure and last 2 to 30 hours. Wash exposed areas once with soap and water. Relief may be obtained by application of an oil-based cream.

What is gamma-cyhalothrin?

Gamma-cyhalothrin is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticide. It has a low aqueous solubility, volatile and, based on its chemical properties, would not be expected to leach to groundwater. It is non-persistent in soil systems and would not normally persist in aqueous systems.

Is gamma-cyhalothrin safe for vegetables?

The active ingredient, gamma-cyhalothrin, is a synthetic pyrethroid that imitates the contact-killing action of pyrethrin insecticides formulated from chrysanthemums. Although toxic to bees, the product is harmless to pets and children once it dries and may be used on lawns, some fruit trees and vegetable crops.

How safe is gamma-cyhalothrin?

It has a high mammalian toxicity and there is some concern regarding its potential to bioaccumulate. It is considered to be a neurotoxicant. It is highly toxic to honey bees and many aquatic organisms and moderately toxic to birds and earthworms.

How long does gamma cyhalothrin last?

How safe is gamma cyhalothrin?