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Is ZoomInfo privacy a scam?

Is ZoomInfo privacy a scam?

ZoomInfo’s processing of your personal information is based on the legitimate interest of itself and its customers to engage in direct marketing. ZoomInfo endeavors to provide the most accurate information possible to its customers.

Can I trust ZoomInfo?

A Trusted Resource for Accurate, Direct Contact Information to Leading Companies and Their Employees. I’ve found ZoomInfo to be an invaluable tool in my business development efforts to prospect and secure new clients.

Why is my info on ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo does not collect any consumer or credit information. Thus, they have no lifestyle data, political affiliations, donations, income estimates, age, family details, credit histories, personal emails, or housing data. They focus strictly on your professional persona.

Is ZoomInfo a real company?

ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. is an American subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) company based in Vancouver, Washington that sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to sales, marketing and recruiting professionals.

Can I remove my info from ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a data broker that posts personal and business information online. You can remove yourself from ZoomInfo by completing their opt-out form online and verifying your request via email. Your information will be removed immediately.

Why did I receive an email from ZoomInfo?

Users have reported receiving an email from < zoominfo > with a subject line Notice of personal information processing. (This is not an advertisement). This message is a phishing message.

How do I remove my information from ZoomInfo?

How to Opt Out from ZoomInfo

  1. Step 1: Go to
  2. Step 2: Enter your email address, confirm the reCAPTCHA, and select “Get Code”.
  3. Step 3: Go check your email.
  4. Step 5: Once the verification form has been submitted, your information will be removed from ZoomInfo’s database.

Should I get ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo platform is very important for any organization. This fulfills the need for a database for sales and marketing, we know that data is the most important part of new business development and marketing, and ZoomInfo is best when it comes to providing the right data, right contacts with accuracy.

Why is ZoomInfo legal?

ZoomInfo is legal because its collection processes only aggregate business-related data, such as work email addresses or the job titles of a company’s employees.

How do I remove myself from ZoomInfo?

How to Remove Yourself from ZoomInfo

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your work email address as they have it listed on their website, complete the CAPTCHA, and click “Get code”
  3. Check your work email inbox for a confirmation email from ZoomInfo.

Who owns ZoomInfo?

Henry Schuck
Henry Schuck is the founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, (NASDAQ:ZI) a Go-To-Market Intelligence Solution for more than 25,000 companies worldwide.

How do I block ZoomInfo?

How do I get my name off ZoomInfo?

Why did I get an email from ZoomInfo?

– April 2, 2021  Users have reported receiving an email from < zoominfo > with a subject line Notice of personal information processing. (This is not an advertisement). This message is a phishing message.

Does ZoomInfo show who viewed your profile?

The visitor profile contains all known information about the visitor and the Account. It allows an agent to update a visitor’s details based on what they learn in live chat. The profile of all visitors that engage with the bot is available in the ZoomInfo Chat Inbox.

What is ZoomInfo used for?

ZoomInfo is a B2B intelligence tool that can help you identify companies that are a good fit for your product or service and gain an understanding of the needs and challenges they have based on industry insights and intent data. The ABM process for sales has four key steps: Identify and research. Attract and convert.

How do I delete myself from ZoomInfo?

Can you remove yourself from ZoomInfo?

Can I remove my information from ZoomInfo?

How do I remove my personal information from ZoomInfo?

Why is ZoomInfo calling me?

ZoomInfo is a great prospecting/enrichment tool used across teams to enhance our database! They have good contact information whether it be emails or phone numbers. Their search engine allows to you get very granular and specific to target specific firms.

Is ZoomInfo worth it?

Zoominfo is actually quite good at located corporate data for B2B purposes. There are lots of other similar sites out there as well as free options. The free options always have a limit on how much you can use it. Zoominfo in my opinion is the best B2B customer data tool out there.

How good is the data in ZoomInfo?

We publish the date the notification email was sent to the contact on their ZoomInfo profile

  • We make it easy for individuals to opt-out of our platform,with a self-service Privacy Centre
  • We make it easy for customers to see who has opted out of ZoomInfo
  • We make it easy for customers to filter out individuals on the Do Not Call list
  • How good is ZoomInfo?

    ZoomInfo provides too much data if not properly filtered.

  • The dashboard or view is not customizable,requiring getting used to seeing more than I might need.
  • There should be a quick view company snapshot enabling users to see at once how to respond to inbound leads.