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What happens if you eat the apple SMT V?

What happens if you eat the apple SMT V?

While doing the A Goddess Stolen sidequest, you will be given a choice of whether or not to eat Idun’s golden apple of immortality. Either choice will lead to the same outcome. If you eat the apple, it won’t have any effect on you.

Can you get Loki persona?

Loki appears as the ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana in Persona 4. He is available to be summoned once the protagonist manages to gain access to the Normal Ending route, which maxes out the Fool Arcana Social Link.

How do I get to Odin SMT V?

Odin’s Area The start of the path that will lead you to Odin is right behind the Macabre, which is next to the Sandman that exchanges gems for Amiria Shower items. From there, follow the golden blocks, taking stairs up higher and higher to where Odin will be waiting.

Do choices matter in SMT 5?

Shin Megami Tensei V Endings Ultimately, however, these alignment choices don’t matter. Before you go into the final dungeon, you are given a choice of how you’ll recreate the world. This alone will decide what ending you get.

How did akechi get Robin Hood?

Akechi claims he entered the Metaverse a month before, and awakened to his Persona when he was attacked by the black masked man who killed Okumura. Akechi says that his overwhelming need to find the truth and share it with the world was what caused him to awaken to his Persona, Robin Hood.

What is Goro akechi weak to?

Akechi is resistant to Bless attacks, and is weak against Curse.

What is Odin weak to?

Odin’s Achilles heel is his weakness to Force. As is the case from here on out, Physical damage has better scaling than Magic, so bringing brawlers to the fight instead of Force users is viable.

How many areas are there in SMT V?

There are four major regions in SMT V – Minato, Shinagawa, Chiyoda, and Taito. Minato is the first region you’ll find yourself in, even though you won’t know it is called that until a little later in the game. In each region, there are 50 Miman to find, for a total of 200 Mimans in the game.

Should I register demons SMT V?

When the demon is registered, you’ll be able to fuse your current one and still have access to them later if you have enough in-game currency. Make sure to register them often, so they’re near your level whenever you need them.

Is Tao permanent SMT V?

Due to her plot relevance, Tao can never be carried over to New Game Plus. While her information can be recorded in the Compendium, she can never be re-summoned. She will only be regained in a repeat run by reaching the Taito area of Da’at, but her stats will be reset when she joins the protagonist then.

Does Akechi have 2 personas?

Goro Akechi was given the same power as well, but was only shown to be able to use two Personas, both of the Justice Arcana: Robin Hood and Loki.

Can you get Akechi to rank 10?

Rank 9 & Rank 10 Both Rank 9 and Rank 10 of Akechi’s Confidant Cooperation will occur naturally through progressing Persona 5’s story.

What is the Joker’s Canon name?

Ren Amamiya
In a December 2019 stage adaptation of Persona 5, Joker’s name was changed every night, gaining nearly 20 names. While Ren Amamiya is Joker’s most common “canon” name, whatever name you choose for him is an equally worthy contender.

What level should I be for Odin’s past dungeon?

It’s considered an end game dungeon, requiring anyone that wishes to enter to be at least level 180. Being in a party and having appropriate equipment is also recommended. Besides being a good leveling place, it’s possible to obtain new cards and the new Soutanes and Clergy Equipment. Access Odin’s Past Entrance

How do I enchant Odin’s past armor?

All Odin’s Past armors can be enchanted 3 times, with the final enchant (2nd slot) can be special enchanted with better effects including the newly introduced Soutane Blessings. To enchant, you’ll need to speak with Susan Grey(hu_in01 97, 322)Copied!. She’s inside the Hugel Weapon building, on the second floor.

How do I get to Odin’s shrine in Hugel?

Talk to the signboard in the middle of Hugel advertising an expedition to Odin’s Shrine/Temple hugel91152. Find the house in the southwest area of town, and go in hugel5295. Talk to either Laura in the room to the right hu_in011311 or Alex in the room to the left hu_in0119160 to join them.