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Why is my cutting torch not working?

Why is my cutting torch not working?

CUTTING TORCH HANDLE NOT WORKING. Pull the tip out and then see if oxygen comes out when you pull the handle for cutting oxygen. Don’t have the gas other than oxygen on at regulators. If no oxygen rebuild the torch if oxygen replace tip and make sure it is for the fuel gas you are using.

What is a barrel torch?

Victor Brand MT204A Short Barrel Torch is designed for mechanized cutting up to 7″ with a straight through design that minimizes turbulence and improves cutting performance. High performance mixer design provides optimum performance and a rugged brass torch head and body for maximum strength.

Why does my acetylene torch keep popping?

The reason that an oxyacetylene cutting torch will pop and go out is because of a problem with gas flow. Usually this is either an issue with flow settings, a leak or blockage.

What is WYPO tip cleaner used for?

Primarily designed for the cleaning of welding and cutting tips, they also can be used to clean sprinkler and shower heads, gas range burners and desoldering tools and to allow for precision hole deburring.

What is backfiring in welding?

The momentary recession of the flame into the torch, potentially causng a flashback or sustained backfire. It is usually signaled by a popping sound, after which the flame may extinguish or reignite at the end of the tip.

Can a gas regulator be repaired?

Replacement of the regulator is generally advisable, as opposed to repairing it. This is because do-it-yourself efforts may not be conducted properly, which can lead to malfunctions or fires. Home improvement stores should sell replacement parts. If not, contact the manufacturer to order a new regulator.

What is a tip cleaner?

Welding tip cleaner kits contain files that fit precisely into the tip to gently remove grime and the buildup of carbon to create a smooth and polished surface. These welding tip cleaner kits are also essential for cleaning out the holes on the welding torch where carbon can gather and affect the flame.

Why does my cutting torch keep popping?

What causes acetylene torch backfire?

Sometimes flashback is due to an incorrect acetylene or oxygen pressure. Backfire is caused due to holding the torch tip too close to the work or allowing hot slag to build up on tip. Backfire occurs when the torch is operated at lower pressures then required for the tip used for cutting purpose.

How to cut metal with an acetylene torch?

Acquire materials: You will need an oxygen tank,acetylene tank,and a torch.

  • Open gas tanks: The thickness of the metal will determine your oxygen and gas pressures (as well as the tip you use on the torch).
  • Start torch: Open the acetylene knob on your torch first and let any black smoke burn off.
  • How to properly use an oxygen acetylene torch for cutting?

    Secure the tanks to a sturdy post,wall,or the like in an upright position.

  • Check and remove any protective coverings placed on the tanks.
  • Ensure that the regulators to be connected to the valves of the tanks have matching threads.
  • Which is better to torch with acetylene or propane?

    Carole Dunn. Big dilemma!

  • Ian Johnson
  • Mickdc. > Big dilemma! Hotter is not always better !
  • MBOSCHERT. I use acetylene/oxygen at home and propane at the shop. >the Little Torch does not do well with acetylene and oxygen.
  • David L. Feldman.
  • MS. >Big dilemma!
  • David D. Arens.
  • Alberic. > Big dilemma!
  • BBrown1382. I find the set-up perfectly safe.
  • How to assemble and operate a Smith acetylene torch?

    Step by Step instructions on how to safely setup and shutdown a oxygen acetylene cutting torch.

  • Inspect the Oxygen tank,the Acetylene tank and the hoses for obvious damage.
  • Make sure that main valves are off and the regulator pressure adjusting screws are backed out with no pressure readings on the gauges.
  • Ensure torch valves are off.