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Who took over Green Tree Mortgage?

Who took over Green Tree Mortgage?

Walter Investment Management Corp.
of Holland, Ohio and Greentree Mortgage Company, L.P. of Marlton, N.J. Green Tree was acquired by Walter Investment Management Corp. in July 2011.

What happened Greentree Mortgage?

By the end of August, Green Tree will be no more. But the company is not closing. In fact, Green Tree’s parent company, Walter Investment Management Corp. (WAC), is merging Green Tree with another of Walter Investment’s well-known subsidiaries, Ditech Mortgage Corp, to form a new company, ditech, a Walter company.

Are ditech and Greentree the same?

Ditech Financial LLC (rebranded from “ditech Mortgage” and “Green Tree Servicing” in 2015) was a provider of home loan, loan servicing and refinance products to consumers and institutional partners in the U.S. Costa Mesa, California, U.S.

When did Greentree become ditech?

On August 31, 2015, Green Tree Servicing became ditech, a Walter company. To learn more about this transition from Green Tree to ditech, please visit

Did ditech buy Greentree?

Walter Investment announced Wednesday that the merger is now complete. The full legal name of the company will be Ditech Financial LLC, but the company will operate as ditech, a Walter company.

Is there a class action lawsuit against ditech?

11 Case. Law360 (April 25, 2019, 4:15 PM EDT) — Bankrupt mortgage servicer Ditech Holding Corp. has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit claiming it broke federal rules against sharing disputed missed payment information with credit agencies.

Is there a lawsuit against ditech?

On January 26, 2018, the Claimant sued Ditech Financial in Iowa state court (the “Iowa Action”) for damages occasioned by Ditech Financial’s alleged negligence, harassment, discrimination, racial profiling, slander, defamation, violations of the Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, predatory lending, fraud.

Is ditech now NewRez?

(NYSE: NRZ, “New Residential”, the “Company”) announced today that it has entered into a “stalking horse” Asset Purchase Agreement (the “APA”) with Ditech Holding Corporation (“Ditech”) and Ditech Financial LLC (“Ditech Financial”) to purchase substantially all of the forward assets of Ditech Financial.

What happened to Green Tree Servicing LLC?

How do I contact Ditech?

[email protected]

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Is there a class action lawsuit against Ditech?

When did Greentree become Ditech?

Who bought out Greentree Financial?

Walter Investment Management Corp. announced Monday that it has reached a deal to acquire Green Tree for $1.065 billion, hoping to capitalize on growth prospects as blue-chip lenders shift debt servicing functions to specialized firms.

Who purchased green tree financial?

To meet these goals, Conseco in March agreed to acquire Green Tree Financial Corporation, a diversified financial services company that offered home equity and home improvement loans, financing packages for the purchases of recreational vehicles and equipment, and credit cards.

Who owns Green Tree financial?

Green Tree Servicing is led by Ms. Cheryl A. Collins, who has been Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of the company since January 2006. Other key executives include Keith Anderson (President), Gregory D. Aplin (Executive Vice President), Jerry W. Britton (Executive Vice President), Mr. Richard G. Evans (Executive Vice President

What is the phone number for green tree mortgage?

Mortgage broker (home loans and refinancing) Green Tree Servicing LLC. 17592 East 17th Street, Suite 310. Tustin, CA 92780. (866) 778-6721.