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Who played guitar on the original James Bond theme?

Who played guitar on the original James Bond theme?

Vic Flick
The “James Bond Theme” was recorded on 21 June 1962, using five saxophones, nine brass instruments, a solo guitar and a rhythm section. The guitar motif heard in the original recording of the theme was played by Vic Flick on a 1939 English Clifford Essex Paragon Deluxe guitar plugged into a Fender Vibrolux amplifier.

What bands did Vic Flick play for?

The John Barry Seven1958 – 1963Apollo 100
Vic Flick/Music groups

How old is Vic Flick?

85 years (May 14, 1937)Vic Flick / Age

Who played guitar on Dr No theme?

The 007 theme is one of the most famous themes in movie history. The infamous guitar riff that gives the theme its secret agent feel was performed by Vic Flick, who spoke to Morning Edition about the day he played it, 50 years ago.

Who wrote the James Bond guitar riff?

That guitar riff was performed by Vic Flick. In 1962, Mr. Flick was a 25-year-old studio guitarist who was asked to help give the Bond theme more punch. The composer, Monty Norman, was scrambling to complete the score for the first Bond movie, “Dr.

How much did Pawn Stars sell Vic Flicks guitar for?

Here he brought in his 1961 Fender Stratocaster guitar to shop owner Rick Harrison, who, after consulting Jesse Amoroso, settled on a price of $55,000 for the guitar. The guitar sold at auction in 2014 for $25,000.

Did Jimmy Page play the James Bond theme?

Before forming Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was an in-demand session musician who played on several classic records – one of which was “Goldfinger” from the 1964 James Bond film of the same name. He was in the instrumental version of the song which they recorded in August 1964 at the famed Abbey Road Studio One in London.

How much did Rick Harrison sell the Les Paul guitar for?

LAS VEGAS – A Gibson Les Paul SG Custom Guitar, featured in an episode of History Channel’s ‘Pawn Stars’ was bought for $90,000 by Rick Harrison on Pawn Stars, then sold for $110,000 on eBay.

Who played the guitar on Goldfinger?

guitarist Jimmy Page
Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has revealed he played a part in one of the most famous James Bond title songs of all time. Speaking to GQ Magazine, Page explained he was a session guitarist early in his career and dropped the bombshell that he played on the 1864 title song ‘Goldfinger’.

What kind of guitar does Vic Flick play?

A 1961 Fender Stratocaster, Olympic White, owned and played by guitarist Vic Flick. This guitar was played by Flick on numerous popular recordings, including “Ringo’s Read more…

How old is Victor flick?

(October 2013) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Victor Harold Flick (born 14 May 1937) is an English studio guitarist, best known for playing the guitar riff in the ” James Bond Theme “. In the late 1950s Flick joined the John Barry Seven, and his first composition for the group was the track “Zapata”.

Did Vic Flick play the James Bond theme?

Biography. On October 5, 2012, Vic Flick was honored at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for “The Music of Bond: The First 50 Years.”. He played the “James Bond Theme” on his 1939 Clifford Essex Paragon De Luxe “James Bond” Guitar to a live audience. He also was interviewed on stage by Jon Burlingame,…

When was Vic Flick’s autobiography published?

In 2008, his autobiography, Vic Flick Guitarman: From James Bond to The Beatles and Beyond ( ISBN 978-1593933081 ), was published by Bearmanor Media. On 5 October 2012 Vic Flick was honoured at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for “The Music of Bond: The First 50 Years.”