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Who created ultra Sans?

Who created ultra Sans?

Summary. Ultra Sans is an AU version of sans, created by A Huge Pancake for a fan-made fight. He is seen for the first time when Sans transformed himself into this to stop Chara, but unfortunately he was killed by the Annoying Dog who used the legendary artifact inside of him.

What are ultra Sans powers?

Powers and Stats Laser Manipulation: Ultra Sans can shot red lasers from his hands and mouth, this lasers are very powerful, as they could harm Chara, and dealt considerable damage to them.

Who is ultra dust Sans?

Ultra Sans is just Sans but much bigger (and heavier) than his normal self. His skull is cracked with a creepy smile. He has no body because it is hidden due to its monstrosity size. He as well has big arms and hands.

Is Ultra Sans fan made?

Game Soundtrack Undertale: Ultra Sans Fight (UNOFFICIAL) is an unofficial game based on a fanmade Undertale animation made by A Huge Pancake.

What happened to ultra Sans?

Ultra! Sans is a character in a Fan-Made AU with the same name made by A Huge Pancake. In the Genocide Route, Frisk/the player killed Sans.

What is EpicTale?

EpicTale is a comic AU created by Yugogeer on Tumblr, was owned by Timeless Dubs for a time, but has been reclaimed by Yugogeer as of June 2019. Chara wondered why their soul was colorless. It took time for Chara to realize why their soul was different.

What is Saness?

SANESSS is the parody of Sans in the animation series Underpants. His theme music is MOGOLOVONIO, a parody version of MEGALOVANIA.

Does error Sans have a tongue?

He has five blue tongues.

What is Reapertale?

Reapertale is an Undertale AU which centers around the main cast of characters being Gods and Goddesses. Similar to Greek Mythology in a sense, the main cast of characters represented certain elements regarding their world as a whole.

What is epic Sans afraid of?

According to Yugo, his greatest fear is his own purple eye.

Is Sans fresh?

Contrary to popular belief, Fresh is NOT a Sans, nor does UnderFresh exist as an AU. Fresh was heavily inspired by Dippy Fresh during one of the Crayon Queen’s live streams. People tend to say, “Oh God, not him!” when he appears.

What is Undertale ultra Sans fight?

Undertale: Ultra Sans Fight (UNOFFICIAL) is an unofficial game based on a fanmade Undertale animation made by A Huge Pancake. I decided to make this game because I saw a lot of bad games on Ultra Sans and nobody tried to make it closer to the animation. So, i gonna work on this game for giving to you what you wanted. Ultra Sans Sprites – by???

What are the characteristics of the liquid in ultra San?

Appearance : liquid liquid Color : light yellow colorless Odor : Chlorine slight chlorine pH : 12.5, (100 %) 6.0 – 9.5 Flash point : Not applicable Odor Threshold : No data available SAFETY DATA SHEET ULTRA SAN

What is the product name for ultra sanitizer?

Product name : ULTRA SAN Other means of identification : Not applicable Recommended use : Sanitizer Restrictions on use : Reserved for industrial and professional use. Product dilution information : 0.00024 % – 0.84 % Company : Ecolab Inc. 1 Ecolab Place St. Paul