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Where is Johnny Quick from?

Where is Johnny Quick from?

Johnny Quick (Crime Syndicate)

Johnny Quick
Publication information
Full name Johnathan “Johnny” Chambers Johnathan “Johnny” Allen
Place of origin Earth-Three (pre-Crisis), Antimatter Earth (post-Crisis), Earth-3 (post-52)
Team affiliations Crime Syndicate of America Crime Syndicate of Amerika Crime Society of America

Who are the crime syndicate members?

The Crime Syndicate are a team of evil counterparts to the Justice League, existing on Earth 3. Their original membership included Atomica, Deathstorm, Grid, Johnny Quick, The Martian, The Outsider, Owlman, Power Ring, Sea King, Superwoman, and Ultraman.

What year is Batman in the new 52?

Overview. The New 52 initiative lasted from 2011 to 2015 and encompasses all of the books which Batman was a part of which is: Batman, All-Star Western, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Incorporated, Eternal.

What earth is Jesse Quick from?

A native of Earth-2, “Jesse Quick” Chambers Wells is the daughter of Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who Hunter Zolomon / Zoom takes hostage early in season two, forcing her father to travel to Earth-1 and work with Barry Allen / Flash (Grant Gustin) and his allies to save her.

Why is Owlman evil?

Thomas Wayne, Jr. as Owlman. Over the years, Thomas began to assert his power and dominance over Gotham by adopting the persona of the villain Owlman. He used this costumed identity to strike fear in his foes; blackmailing, threatening, and paying off everyone important in Gotham, until the city was essentially his.

How old is Selina Kyle in the new 52?

As of Catwoman (Volume 4) #2, Selina claimed to be 23 years old.

Is Ultraman Clark Kent?

The characters are all evil or corrupted alternate-universe counterparts of Superman. Ultraman first appeared in Justice League of America #29 (August 1964)….Ultraman (DC Comics)

Alter ego Clark Kent Clark Luthor Kal-ll (New 52 Earth 3) Kal-El (Infinite Frontier Earth 3)

Is Jess Chambers a boy or girl?

This Jesse is a boy. A teenage version of Jesse Chambers appear in the Ame-Comi universe as that world’s version of the Flash, sporting an anime-inspired redesign. She makes her first appearance when she teams up with Steel and Robin in order to rescue Batgirl from Duela Dent.

Where did Ray Palmer go?

After getting married, Ray and Nora chose to leave the Legends and focus on Nora’s job as a Fairy Godmother. Ray went to Central City for the Technology Convention, where he met a member of Team Flash and his fan, Chester P. Runk.

Where does Ray Palmer live?

After helping his successor to once again save Ivy Town, he returns to the Multiverse with a new sense of fulfillment, leaving his town in the hands of a new, capable hero. During the Final Crisis, Ray returned to New Earth and worked with Choi again to help evacuate the last free humans.

Is Owlman Bruce?

On antimatter Earth, Owlman was now Thomas Wayne Jr., the older brother of that reality’s Bruce Wayne. In most mainstream DC universes, Batman’s genesis occurred when young Bruce Wayne was witness to the murder of his parents, and was inspired to devote his life to fighting crime.

Who are the crime syndicate?

The Crime Syndicate are teams of fictional supervillains from one of DC Comics’ parallel universes where they are the evil counterparts of the Justice League.

What DC movies have the crime syndicate been in?

The Crime Syndicate appeared in the 2010 Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DC animated film, which was based on the abandoned Justice League: Worlds Collide project.

When did the crime syndicate of America return to JLA?

Justice League of America #207-209 (October-December 1982) and All-Star Squadron #14-15 (Oct.-Nov. 1982) ^ Cowsill, Alan “2000s” in Dolan, p. 295: “Writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely brought the Crime Syndicate of America back to DC continuity in JLA: Earth 2”.

What is crime syndicate art by Ivan Reis?

Art by Ivan Reis. The Crime Syndicate are teams of supervillains from one of DC Comics ‘ parallel universes where they are the evil counterparts of the Justice League. The original team was specifically known as the Crime Syndicate of America and is sometimes abbreviated as CSA.