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Where do expats live in Suzhou?

Where do expats live in Suzhou?

Suzhou is divided into two main living areas popular with expats; The Suzhou New District and the Suzhou Industrial Park.

How much is an apartment in Suzhou?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 574$ (3,820¥) without rent. Suzhou is 57.73% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Suzhou is, on average, 84.24% lower than in New York….Cost of Living in Suzhou.

Restaurants Edit
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 915 sq ft Apartment 352.32¥

Is Suzhou a good place to live?

All in all, is Suzhou a good place to live? Yes. As far as Chinese cities go, as a family with young children I think we got one of the best deals. It’s safe, convenient, fairly easy to get around, with quite a lot of options for activities, good schools.

How many expats in Suzhou?

approximately 20,000
Suzhou’s expatriate population now stands at approximately 20,000, with a high proportion of Japanese, Taiwanese, Singaporean and European expats.

How many companies are in Suzhou Industrial Park?

By 2014, some 25,000 companies were doing business in the industrial park, include 91 Fortune 500 companies. As of 2019, the industrial park has contributed about 119.11 billion dollars in tax revenue since its inception, and has achieved more than $1 trillion in foreign trade volume.

What happened to Suzhou Industrial Park?

Stakeholders: Singapore initially held a 65 per cent stake in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group (CSSD), with the rest by China. Singapore subsequently cut its stake to 35 per cent to incentivise the local government to support the SIP. Its stake in CSSD is now 28 per cent.

What is spring like in Suzhou?

Warm and pleasant, spring is one of the most popular times to visit the ancient city. Flowers are in full bloom, festivals are in full swing and although it does rain, precipitation is not as prevalent as it is in the summer. While temperature swings are always a possibility, spring is generally quite temperate.

Where do most Chinese immigrate to?

In Asia, Singapore is the most important destination for the Chinese migrants, and it is also the most developed economic centre for this community, with a current overseas Chinese population of 2,832,510 living there. Other relevant examples of Chinese diaspora communities formed in Asia, are Malaysia and Thailand.

Where do most Mandarin speakers live?

Mandarin is spoken by about 955 million people. The main distribution areas are in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Wu and Min each have about 75-80 million native speakers.

Who owns the Suzhou Industrial Park?

A joint venture between the governments of China and Singapore, Suzhou Industrial Park has over the last two decades honed its reputation as a modern, open development zone and a model of international cooperation.

How often does it rain in Suzhou?

How much does it rain in Suzhou? In Suzhou, during the entire year, the rain falls for 166.5 days and collects up to 811mm (31.93″) of precipitation.

Which country has the largest Chinese diaspora?

Among countries with the largest number of overseas Chinese on each continent, the largest Chinese diaspora community is living in Indonesia, numbering more than ten million people. Most of these people are descendents from migrants born in China, who have moved to Indonesia a long time ago.

Why choose Suzhou for expatriation?

As it is significantly covered by water, Suzhou, which is located in Eastern China, is nicknamed the “Venice of the Orient”. Thanks to its mild climate all year round, it has become an attractive destination for expatriation. Suzhou provides many professional and investment opportunities to expatriates.

Is Suzhou expensive to live in China?

Is Suzhou expensive? Suzhou is expensive for renting and buying properties. A two-bedroom apartment would cost between 5000-7000 RMB/month (£560- £800 English GBP). If you buy groceries in the supermarkets, it is expensive. This is especially true for wine, dairy products, coffee and chocolate.

How can I meet foreigners in Suzhou?

The Toastmasters and the Suzhou Striders Running Club are great ways to meet foreigners and Suzhou locals. I reckon the largest expat population here are from South Korea, working in the technology sector, mainly with Samsung. Meanwhile most expats from the UK work in education posts as teachers, in headships etc.

Why is Suzhou the Venice of China?

Nicknamed the Venice of the East due to its network of canals and traditional-style bridges, Suzhou’s 2,500 year history sits alongside the modernity of the bullet train to Shanghai and towering structures of the business sector.