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Where can I hear Gardeners Question Time?

Where can I hear Gardeners Question Time?

BBC Radio 4 – Gardeners’ Question Time – Available now.

What time is Gardeners Question Time on Radio 4 today?

@ 2pm
To hear Chris’s journey and the team’s emotional introduction to this plant, tune into Gardeners’ Question Time today on BBC Radio 4 @ 2pm.

How do I send a question to Gardeners Question Time?

Send us an email now to [email protected] Please tell us where you live as this may help when trying to answer your gardening queries. The personal information you provide will be collected and processed by Somethin’ Else, the independent production company which makes Gardeners’ Question Time for the BBC.

Where is GQT?

Kathy Clugston and the team are in Euston, London answering your horticultural queries.

How old is Christine Walkden?

67 years (April 7, 1955)Christine Walkden / Age

Who is the PR4L?

Kathy Clugston’s voice is well-known to radio listeners: she presents the news on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, provides voices for The Folks on the Hill on Radio Ulster and is the PR4L (Posh Radio 4 Lady) on The Scott Mills Show on Radio 1.

What time is Gardeners Question Time on today?

Kathy Clugston hosts the horticultural programme featuring a group of gardening experts. GQT is back on your airwaves today at 3pm!

How do I email BBC Gardeners World?

Books, magazines and videos For magazine subscription enquiries, please email [email protected].

Is Reg from Christine’s garden still alive?

Reg sadly died in 2010. Next door but one is Louise who needs advise on her trees in exchange for eggs and has a boyfriend called Colin. We follow Christine as she teaches at nearby Writtle College, gives talks to groups, and works in clients gardens.

Where does Christine the gardener live now?

She is currently the Garden Advisor for the One Show. Christine leads Garden Tour Holidays all over the world sharing her favourite gardens and her amazing plant knowledge. Christine Lives in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire with her Labrador Willow.

Who is the posh Radio 4 Lady?

Kathy Clugston
More recently she took part in Scott Mills The Musical in her role of “Posh Radio 4 Lady”….

Kathy Clugston
Born 22 August 1969 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Education Methodist College Queen’s University Belfast
Occupation Newsreader Continuity announcer
Notable credit(s) BBC Radio 3 BBC Radio 4 BBC World Service

Who reads the news on Radio 4?

Neil Nunes (born 12 December 1980) (pronounced /nuːnɛz/ ) is a British-Jamaican continuity announcer and newsreader on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, and on the BBC World Service.

How many people listen to gardeners Questiontime?

The programme regularly attracts an audience in excess of two million and has answered over 35,000 questions in its long run.

Can I email gardeners world?

Where are the Gardeners’Question Time presenters out and about?

The Gardeners’ Question Time team out and about across the UK. The team present a correspondence edition from the gardens of Geoff Hamilton. Peter Gibbs and Pippa Greenwood meet the staff at RHS Wisley. Chris Beardshaw visits Britian’s oldest tulip collection.

What is the history of Gardeners Question Time?

About Gardeners’ Question Time. So often in life the simple things are the best. The very first Gardeners´ Question Time took a panel of expert gardeners along to answer questions from members of the Smallshaw Allotments Association, it was broadcast on 9th April 1947.

Who is the host of the Gardening Panel Show?

Kathy Clugston hosts a Christmas edition of the gardening panel show. Peter Gibbs and the team are at Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex. Kathy Clugston hosts the horticultural programme featuring a group of gardening experts. Kathy Clugston hosts this week’s gardening panel show.

Where are Kathy Clugston and Peter Gibbs from gardeners UK?

Kathy Clugston and the panel are in the village of Ludlow. Peter Gibbs and the panel are in West Maldon, Essex. Peter Gibbs and the panel are in Wickham Bishops, Essex. Horticultural programme featuring a group of gardening experts.