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Where are the 8 pages in Slenderman?

Where are the 8 pages in Slenderman?

Oakside Park
Oakside Park is an area in Slender: The Arrival. Oakside park is a large wooded area that contains 10 distinct landmarks, as well as several geographical parts that remain constant. The area is first visited in Part 2: The Eight Pages.

What happens if you get all the pages in Slenderman?

In Slender: The Eight Pages, should the player fail to collect all of the pages, they will be killed by Slender Man, prematurely ending their adventure, and granting the player a game over.

Where is the key in Slenderman game?

You need the keys which can be found in one of the other rooms – they appear randomly; most often they can be found on the desk in the first room of the corridor on the right or on the bed in the room to the left of the stairs. Open Kate’s room and take a look around.

Can you beat Slender Man game?

Getting the center out of the way is your best bet. That way, you don’t have backtrack at all throughout the game and can work on the outside of the circle. Slender Man can only kill you if you look at him and he is always behind you. Never turn around, never see Slender Man.

What happens after you collect all 8 pages?

Once you have found all 8 pages, there will be a lul until the Slenderman appears behind you, causing Lauren to sprint uncontrollably – in different locations between bouts of static, before finally cutting to black, thus ending the level.

Where is Kate in Slender: The Arrival?

In Kate’s perspective, she was out in the woods finding the eight pages while avoiding Slender Man. Kate ends up having multiple appearances in the game. During the events of The Eight Pages and The Arrival, she is somewhere in her twenties.

Where is the gas for the silo generator in slender?

Gasoline Canisters is a collectible item in Slender: The Arrival. They are required in order to power the generators inside Kullman Mines and a generator in Matheson Farmstead. The gas canister is important in the “Homestead” chapter, it is used to power the barn generator. Gas canisters are found in the cellar.

Who is Charlie in Slender: The Arrival?

Charlie Matheson Jr. is the tertiary antagonist in Slender: The Arrival, the main antagonist of Homestead, and the main protagonist of Memories. Son of Charles Matheson and Diane, he was lured to the woods and captured by The Slender Man, and turned into a proxy.

Is Kate the chaser a Creepypasta?

Kate was originally a normal girl who had visions of the Slenderman, something she shared with her friend, CR. One night, she was attacked in her own home by the Slenderman himself, but managed to escape. She was hunted by Slenderman, became insane, and now is subsequently turned into a proxy called “The Chaser”.

Where are the generators in slenderman?

While there is a chance generators can appear near the walls on the far side, they are more often found behind some of the fencing underneath the second floor walkway. This room also has stairs leading to a second floor, and a hall containing 3 rooms that may have a generator.

Where can I find all the Slender Man’s pages?

Your task is to find all of them before the Slender Man catches you. One of the pages found in Slender: The Eight Pages. There are several locations where the pages might be found. They are usually around places that stand out, i.e. a random car in the middle of the woods. You have no map, so you have to wander around until you find the locations.

What is Slender Man?

Slender Man is a cool online horror game with the creepy supernatural character. You have already heard about this thin unnaturally tall humanoid without a face who kills his victims out in the woods.

How old do I have to be to play Slender Man online?

By clicking “PLAY”, you consent to transmit your data to our partners for advertising purposes and declare that you are 16 years old or have the permission of your legal guardian. You can review our terms here. Slender Man is a cool online horror game with the creepy supernatural character and you can play it online and for free on

How many objects do I need to collect to play Slender Man?

Additionally many Slender Man based games require collecting 8 objects that are typically pages, sometimes more.