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Where are Sidi cycling shoes made?

Where are Sidi cycling shoes made?

All Sidi cycling shoes are still designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

Are Sidi cycling shoes SPD compatible?

Cleat & Pedal Compatibility Sidi road shoes are compatible with the standard 3 bolt road cleat fixings so can be used with pedals such as Shimano SPD-SL and Look models.

Are Sidi MTB shoes good?

SIDI mountain bike shoes are some of the best, most popular, mountain bike shoes in the world. They feature a sporty, aerodynamic design – like what you might find on a professional road cycling shoe. But Sidi mountain bikes shoes, unlike their road shoe counterparts, are designed specifically for off-road riding.

Are Sidi cycling shoes narrow?

The mould (a.k.a. ‘last’) for a women’s cycling shoe is not simply a smaller and narrower version of the men’s option. The SIDI women’s lasts also have a narrower heel and ankle to accommodate the smaller overall volume of the foot.

Are Sidi shoes narrow?

Please note that Sidi shoes are a narrow fit and we recommend going up a size from what you would normally wear.

How should Sidi cycling shoes fit?

Sidi full sizes are 6mm different from the next full size. This is why Sidi produce half sizes, to give as close to a custom fit as possible. Cycling shoes are meant to be snug; they are designed to cradle your foot closely. The standard Sidi shoes are based on a ‘D’ width foot.

Are Sidi shoes made with leather?

SIDI is one of the most well known brands of cycling shoes. Its non-MTB shoes have been used by many famous professional cyclists to win many important races, including world championships. Originally, shoes were made with leather uppers and leather soles….SIDI.

Type Private
Area served Worldwide

Who owns SIDI?

founder Dino Signori
Thanks to the passion, professionalism and innovative insights of its founder Dino Signori, an entrepreneur for more than 50 years and a long-time cyclist, SIDI has over time become one of the leading companies in its sector.

What country SIDI from?


Type Private
Industry Motorsport clothing Cycling clothing
Founded 1960, Maser
Founder Dino Signori
Headquarters Maser , Italy

Where does the name Sidi come from?

Sidi or Sayidi, also Sayyidi and Sayeedi, (Arabic: سيدي, romanized: Sayyīdī, Sīdī (dialectal) “milord”) is an Arabic masculine title of respect. Sidi is used often to mean “saint” or “my master” in Maghrebi Arabic and Egyptian Arabic.

Why choose Sidi cycling shoes?

For walkability, Sidi cycling shoes include a replaceable polyurethane heel pad. The key benefits of the VENT CARBON Sole are not only superior power transfer, because of its light weight and stiffness, but also warm weather comfort. The VENT CARBON Sole is designed with an integrated vent and air channels for heat dissipation and air flow.

Is Sidi a good brand?

SIDI is now regarded as a leading brand in cycling footwear with designs informed by rigorous product testing and feedback from sponsored riders across all cycling disciplines. We stock a comprehensive range of SIDI road and mountain bike shoes providing a wide choice of technology, materials and styles to suit your riding and your budget.

Who is Sidi?

In the 1970’s SIDI began specialising in cycling footwear and boots for off-road and on-road motorcycling. Dino Signori, founder of SIDI, has combined a passion for cycling with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing innovative sporting footwear.