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What kind of truck does Snap-on use?

What kind of truck does Snap-on use?

24′ Freightliner M2 – Snap-on.

How do I find a snap dealer in my area?

The Formal Method You’ll find the franchise search page by going to the main Snap-on site and clicking “Find a Franchisee.” This takes you to an initial page, which screens inquiries by type.

Who makes Snap-on truck?

The vehicle build process starts with the selection of the right chassis and body to do the job. Having worked with Snap-on for over 40 years, LDV understands the importance of a durable, reliable vehicle to keep you on the road selling tools. For over 15 years, LDV has built on the Freightliner MT platform.

How many Snap-on trucks are there?

The Industry Leader Snap-on has more than 19,000 products, operates in more than 130 countries and employs approximately 11,600 people worldwide. Snap-on also has a franchise network of more than 4,000 franchisees.

Is Blue Point Snap-on?

Blue Point is a lower-end tool brand of Snap-On. They are made with the Snap-On specifications but different finish. Though Snap-On owns Blue Point, manufactures are contracted to make Blue Point tools.

How do I contact Snap-on?

[email protected] / Customer service email

How much does a Snap-on truck owner make?

How much does an Owner Operator Driver make at Snap-on in the United States? Average Snap-on Owner Operator Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $89,450, which is 54% below the national average.

How much does it cost to start a Snap-on truck?

$169,223 is the minimum that someone opening a location should expect to invest. The high end of the total investment required to open a franchise is $382,235. $8,000 is the franchise fee new franchisees pay the franchisor.

Is Blue Point worse than Snap-On?

Blue Point and Snap-On tools are not the same in terms of quality. Snap-On tools are of higher quality, and of course, they are pricier. The best thing about Blue Point tools is that they are cheaper they come with a lifetime warranty unless it is specified from the Point of sale.

Does Snap-on do payment plans?

We offer low weekly payments to technicians, shop owners, and even non-traditional customers, but it doesn’t stop there.

Is Snap-on Made in USA?

Snap-on Inc. operates plants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Elkmont, Alabama. Pneumatic and cordless tools are manufactured in Murphy, North Carolina.

How much do you make owning a Snap-on franchise?

On average, Snap-on has a gross profit margin of 51.31% which is equivalent to $488,513.78. Based on the calculation above, the units earned a gross profit margin of 59.74% which is equivalent to $568,848.

What company owns Snap-On?

Snap-on is a part of Snap-on Incorporated, which is a publicly-traded company with symbol SNA.

Why buy LDV tool trucks for snap-on?

Each display easily mounts to the wall with four clips into the e-track and can quickly be moved and interchanged with other displays. For over 44 years, LDV has designed, built and serviced tool trucks for Snap-on. When you buy an LDV tool truck, you are getting years of industry knowledge, combined into the best possible truck on the market.

What kind of trucks do you deliver for tool storage?

Providing 22′, 24′, and 26′ and larger cab chassis trucks, we deliver both traditional and contemporary custom interiors for all of your tool storage and merchandising needs. Click on vehicle images below for overview, details and additional images.

How many tool storage areas are in the snap-on tool truck?

Three tool storage areas, 82″, 76” and 46”, give you ample space to store and showcase a full range of Snap-on’s tool storage product line. Smooth aluminum flooring in these areas provides protection for the vinyl flooring. The 46” area at the rear has power and HDMI inputs to the truck’s 32” monitor and can be used as a secondary workstation.

What is included in a snap-on franchise package?

A battery watering system is included to simplify maintenance. The main workstation is a Snap-on’s tool storage stack; giving franchisees a great workspace as well as a nice marketing tool for the tool storage line. LDV’s wall mounted displays are a great way for franchisees to showcase Snap-on’s product line.