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What is ROI in home solar?

What is ROI in home solar?

What are Solar Panels Worth as an Investment? The year one return on investment for solar panels is generally somewhere in the range of 8-15%. After that, returns are likely to improve as inflation leads to higher electricity prices over time.

Can solar energy be a good alternative for the Philippines?

Current electricity costs in the Philippines are the highest in Asia, including Japan. This makes solar power a much cheaper and economically more advantageous option in the Philippines.

How much energy does a hectare of solar panels produce?

At that rate, each ha of solar panels should deliver about one million megajoules of energy per year. Compare this to a biofuel crop like wheat, which delivers about 40,000 megajoules of energy per hectare.

Is 6kW enough to power a house?

In many states, a 6kW PV system will be enough to power an entire house, but it depends on your location and energy needs. We will walk you through the cost, size, and practicality of a 6kW system before you decide to buy.

Is Ra solar a good company?

Kudos to RA Solar. Ra Solar is the installer on a recent project that has been dragging on for the past 9 months, little of which can be attributed to Covid conditions. Throughout the project, service, communication, responsiveness, and reliability have been very poor.

What went wrong with Ra solar?

Incorrect initial installation and poor responsiveness from Ra Solar: The manufacturer’s engineer contacted Ra Solar several times over three weeks to schedule a system inspection. Once he was on site, he spent two days correcting problems created by Ra Solar’s team.

How did you find Ra solar?

I found Ra Solar through EnergySage. There was some skepticism at first since they are a local and smaller company than other large installers, but their quote was more competitive and the advisor, Renato, was great to talk and work with throughout the quoting process.