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What is HOMA-IR formula?

What is HOMA-IR formula?

HOMA-IR was calculated according to the formula: fasting insulin (microU/L) x fasting glucose (nmol/L)/22.5. Results: NAFLD patients showed higher insulin, glycemia, and HOMA-IR values than control group, even when excluding glucose intolerant and diabetes mellitus patients by their glycemic curves.

Is HOMA-IR useful?

These results suggest that HOMA-IR is a useful test for the evaluation of insulin sensitivity even in patients with type 2 diabetes treated with insulin.

What is the purpose of HOMA?

Homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a method for assessing β-cell function and insulin resistance (IR) from basal (fasting) glucose and insulin or C-peptide concentrations.

What is a good HOMA-IR score?

Less than 1.0 means you are insulin-sensitive which is optimal. Above 1.9 indicates early insulin resistance. Above 2.9 indicates significant insulin resistance.

How much does HOMA-IR test cost?

This test is available for the low price of $21 at any of our Patient Service Centers. Best of all, no doctor’s order or insurance is required for your order. Test result are typically available within just a few days and can be shared directly with your doctor or other medical professional.

How many types of Homa are there?


What is a good HOMA score?

How accurate is HOMA-IR?

The accuracy of the prediction for the logistic regression model with the HOMA-IR predictor is 0.962 to 0.963 (p < 0.0001) according to the confusion matrix.

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How does Homa calculate insulin resistance?

Above 2.9 indicates significant insulin resistance.

  1. Insulin: pmol/L to uIU/mL, divide by 6.
  2. Glucose: mmol/L to mg/dL, multiply by 18.

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What does Homa stand for?

The homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a method used to quantify insulin resistance and beta-cell function.

What is Homeostatic Model Assessment (HOMA)?

The homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a method used to quantify insulin resistance and beta-cell function. It was first described under the name HOMA by Matthews et al. in 1985.

What does HOMA-IR stand for?

Insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR) in the differentiation of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and healthy individuals HOMA-IR values above or equal to 2.0 or 2.5 show enhanced diagnostic value in distinguishing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease carriers from control group individuals.

Does Helicobacter pylori infection affect HOMA-IR index?

In a study of 811 people, those who had an H. pylori infection were more likely to have a high HOMA-IR index (> 2.5) [ 104 ]. In addition, in 370 patients, HOMA-IR decreased with successful eradication of H. pylori [ 105 ].