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What is Chinese style cross stitch?

What is Chinese style cross stitch?

In embroidery, Chinese cross stitch is worked using a single horizontal and two vertical straight stitches. This style of stitch is different from standard cross stitch, which is worked diagonally to form a small X-shaped stitch. Instead, it almost looks like a fence when stitched in a row.

What do the symbols mean on a cross stitch pattern?

Each cross stitch pattern includes a grid with squares filled with symbols and a legend. Each symbol respresents a color of embroidery floss you have to use for the corresponding square on your fabric. So you read on the pattern grid which colors you need to stitch on your blank cross stitch fabric.

How do you read a cross stitch diagram?

Cross stitch designs are traditionally depicted as a series of squares laid out on a grid. Each square on the grid corresponds to a single stitch. Like the grid paper you might be familiar with from math class, darker lines are drawn in 10-by-10 square sections to make reading the chart and keeping your place easier.

How do you create a cross stitch pattern?


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  • How to create your own cross stitch pattern?

    Decide on a color scheme. You can use the same colors as the original image,or invent your own color scheme.

  • Make X marks in the grid to indicate the borders and fill of the design.
  • Color code the pattern if desired.
  • Indicate where special stitches may be required.
  • How to create cross stitch designs from photos and pictures?

    Download PhotoPad Embroidery Design Software

  • Open the Embroidery tool Select Embroidery on the start screen Open the Tools menu on the Home tab and select Embroidery
  • Enter the number of Colors
  • Enter the number of Stitches
  • Save to PDF or Print Stitching Pattern
  • Enjoy your custom embroidery design
  • How to pick fabric for cross stitch?

    – Use a map of your city or country as a pattern. – Print out a picture of your favorite animal or superhero – any black and white image will do. – Cross stitch words or phrases