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What is Cabrio top fungicide?

What is Cabrio top fungicide?

Cabrio® Top is a fungicide with pyroclostrobin energy the latest composition of strobilurin which provides effective and reliable protection from large number of pathogens.

What is Metiram fungicide?

Metiram fungicide (CAS.NO 9006-42-2) is a kind of excellent protective fungicide, belong to low toxicity pesticides.It have a. very good control effect with various diseases caused by fungus phylum eggs.

What is ridomil gold?

Applied as a banded or broadcast application, Ridomil Gold® GR is a super-active granular fungicide that provides systemic control of soilborne diseases Phytophthora and Pythium. Ridomil Gold GR also improves plant health and vigor to citrus, cotton, leafy vegetables, non-bearing deciduous fruits and nuts, and peanuts.

What is the active ingredient of Cabrio?

The active ingredient in Cabrio, pyraclostrobin, is a member of the strobilurin class of chemistry and is derived from a natural antifungal sub- stance. Preventive applications optimize disease control resulting in improved plant health.

What is the use of Polyram?

Polyram® DF is a contact fungicide that forms a protective barrier on the plant’s surface, preventing disease-causing fungal infection. Its active ingredient, metiram, kills the fungus after it has germinated from the spore and before it penetrates the plant.

What is score fungicide?

Score Fungicide is a systemic fungicide for long-lasting preventive and strong curative action. It has broad-spectrum disease control against powdery mildew, leaf spot diseases, alternaria and rusts in fruit trees, pulses, ornamentals and vegetables.

How do you use Zampro fungicide?

Apply Zampro in sufficient water to ensure thorough cov- erage of foliage, blooms, and fruit. Thorough coverage is required for optimum disease control. Unless otherwise specified in this label, use no less than 20 gallons of spray solution per acre.