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What is a Nissan P11?

What is a Nissan P11?

Nissan model Primera 2nd generation (P11-series) belongs to mid-size / large family car class. Represents the “D (large cars)” market segment. The car was offered with 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback, station wagon body shapes between the years 1995 and 2001.

What engine does a Nissan Primera have?

The Nissan Primera has 5 Petrol Engine on offer. The Petrol engine is 2184 cc and 1769 cc and 1789 cc and 1974 cc and 1998 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission.

What is the engine capacity of Nissan Primera?

1,769 – 2,488cc
Nissan Primera: Basic Specifications

length 4.4 – 4.565m height 1.385 – 1.495m width 1.76 – 1.76m
Maximum power 110 – 204ps
Drive Type AWD/FF
Engine Capacity 1,769 – 2,488cc
Number of Seats 5

What car replaced the Nissan Primera?

Nissan continued selling the Primera in the United States as the Infiniti G20 from 1998 until 2002, when it was replaced by a rebadged version of the Nissan Skyline V35 as the Infiniti G35. The G20 used the same grille and rear lamp alterations from the Primera Camino.

How much horsepower does a Nissan Primera p11 have?

Nissan Primera (P11) 2.0 16V (150 Hp) GT 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Specs

General information
Power 150 Hp @ 6100 rpm.
Power per litre 75.1 Hp/l
Torque 181 Nm @ 4800 rpm. 133.5 lb.-ft. @ 4800 rpm.
Engine location Front, Transverse

Is Nissan Primera 1999 a good car?

If you can live with the dated styling, a used Nissan Primera has much to recommend it. Good to drive, effortlessly reliable and built with a genuine depth of quality, the Primera is better then you may expect. With the latest model causing prices to soften, now could be a good time to bag a modest mileage bargain.

Is Nissan Primera fuel efficient?

What is the fuel consumption of Nissan Primera? Combined fuel consumption varies for different modifications, with the lowest figure being 6.1 l/100 km (38.56 mpg) and the highest – 9.1 l/100 km (25.85 mpg).

Is Primera a good car?

The Nissan Primera 1.8 Flare is a great car. It drives smooth and is comfortable. Reliability is superb and after 77,000 miles it still drives perfect. No major problems and 1.8 petrol engine should give years of worry free motoring.

Is Nissan Primera 2005 a good car?

Very comfortable and reliable, well since now. I was afraid about this motor, 120 CV, but its better than the old 2.2….General Comments:

Model year 2005
Most recent year of ownership 2005
Engine and transmission diesel Semi-Automatic
Performance marks 8 / 10
Reliability marks 8 / 10

Are Nissan Primera good cars?

Is Nissan Primera 2006 a good car?

The Primera is extremely well screwed together, and has proved robust and reliable. A small number have had minor electrical faults, and a limited run was recalled to have tyres replaced for potential damage caused on the production line. Other than that, it’s a squeaky-clean motor.

How reliable is Nissan Primera?