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What ink does a Kodak ESP 3.2 use?

What ink does a Kodak ESP 3.2 use?

ARTITECH Replacement for Kodak 30XL Compatible Ink Cartridges (4 Black, 2 Color) Use for Kodak ESP 3.2, C110, C310, C315, Office 2150, Office 2170, Hero 3.1 Hero 5.1 Series Printers 1550532 1341080.

What kind of ink does a Kodak ESP 3250 use?

What ink does Kodak ESP 3250 use? The Kodak ESP 3250 is compatible with either the standard yield Kodak 10b black and Kodak 10c color ink cartridges or the Kodak 10XL ink cartridge which is the high yield version of the black.

What ink does Kodak printer use?

The Kodak ESP 5 uses the Kodak 10 compatible ink cartridge. If you want to print more pages with your Kodak ESP 5, we highly recommend our Kodak 10XL black compatible high-yield cartridges.

What Kodak printers use 10B and 10C ink?

Compatible Printers with Kodak Printer Ink Cartridges 10B and 10C 4-Pack

  • Kodak EasyShare 5100.
  • Kodak EasyShare 5300.
  • Kodak EasyShare 5500.

Can you still buy Kodak printer ink?

You can buy replacement original Kodak ink cartridges for this printer in our Kodak Personal Picture Maker ink cartridge section. Likewise, clicking on the relevant link above will take you through to offers on original and compatible Kodak printer ink that will bring out the best in your Kodak printer.

Can you still get Kodak printer ink?

Inks in the 10 and 30 cartridge series are available. They work with a wide range of Kodak all-in-one printers. Check for compatibility using the ink and toner finder tool before making orders.

How do you refill a Kodak 30 ink cartridge?

Refilling the Kodak 30 cartridge, Kodak ESP C 100: The filler opening is located underneath the label on top of the cartridge. Insert the syringe into the filler opening (picture 2). Carefully fill the ink into the cartridge. If ink leaks from the opening, draw 1-2ml back into the syringe.

What ink does Kodak ESP C315 use?

The Kodak ESP C315 is compatible with either the standard yield Kodak 30 ink cartridge or the high yield Kodak 30XL ink cartridge. If you need an ink cartridge, CompAndSave has compatible Kodak 30XL black and tri-color ink cartridges that are designed to equal or surpass the OEM counterpart at a very low price!