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What if Saboteur gets the gold?

What if Saboteur gets the gold?

So if a saboteur places the final final card and reveals the gold, that player will get nothing for the round. Needless to say, a saboteur should only connect to a goal if they are certain it is not gold.

Is Saboteur balanced?

I think Saboteur was designed with an expectation that good dwarves would be more cutthroat and selfish than a lot of groups play them instinctually. That said, I recommend you pick up Saboteur 2, which adds (and replaces) some cards and roles. It’s much more well-balanced and more consistently fun.

How many cards do you start with in Saboteur?

Deal out a number of cards to each player, again depending on the number of players in the game: 3 to 5 players: Each player is dealt 6 cards. 6 to 7 players: Each player is dealt 5 cards. 8 to 10 players: Each player is dealt 4 cards.

What is boss in Saboteur?

One of the new characters is The Boss. He wins whenever the Green or the Blue Team wins, but always gets one Gold Piece less than them. Then there is The Profiteer, who, true to his name, doesn’t just win when the gold-diggers (Green or Blue) win, but also when The Saboteurs win.

How many map cards are in the saboteur?

Among the 44 path cards, there are one start card (showing a ladder) and three finish cards. One of the latter shows the treasure, the other two merely a stone. Shuffle the finish cards and put them (face-down) on the table together with the start card (face-up), as shown in the illustration below.

What is saboteur assessment?

The Saboteur Assessment is the first step to identifying your Saboteurs to expose their lies and discredit them. It takes just 5 minutes to complete the assessment, and you’ll receive a full report on the makeup of your Saboteurs.

What is a saboteur example?

A saboteur is a person who makes a mess of a situation on purpose. You might call your little brother a saboteur for letting the air out of your bicycle tires, but you could be a saboteur in return by filling his shoes with cold spaghetti.

Can you talk in saboteur?

It’s totally allowed. It’s actually the reason why my group thinks the map card is almost useless. In one of our first games, two others all checked different goal cards and didn’t find a treasure. I (a Saboteur) checked the last one and went, “Huh.

What does a profiteer do in Saboteur?

The Profiteer (1 in the game) The Profiteer profiteer wins, no matter if The Gold-Diggers or The Saboteurs are successful. However, when the treasure is divided, The Profiteer gets two fewer Gold Pieces than the others.

What does the profiteer do saboteur?

What is saboteur card game?

Saboteur (card game) Saboteur is a mining -themed card game, designed by Frederic Moyersoen and published in 2004 by Z-Man Games.

How to play gold miners and saboteurs?

Playing Hint: The gold miners will try to build an uninterrupted path from the start card to one of the goal cards while the saboteurs will try to prevent just that. However, you should not be too obvious, or your identity will be guessed very easily! Action cards are always played face up in front of a player (yourself or another player).

How do the saboteurs win the round?

The saboteurs have won the round if the goal card with the treasure wasn’t reached. If there was only 1 saboteur, he gets gold nugget cards from the deck worth a total of four nuggets. If there were 2 or 3 saboteurs, they each get 3 nuggets worth of gold.

What is the difference between a miner and a saboteur?

The miners are trying to build an uninterrupted path from the Start Card to a Goal Card, while the saboteurs are trying to prevent this. They shouldn’t try and be too obvious about it, however, lest they be immediately discovered. Action Cards can be placed in front of any player, including oneself.