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What happened to Keith Peterson?

What happened to Keith Peterson?

The former bantamweight champion suffered a second-round TKO defeat at the hands of Henry Cejudo back in May 2020. Post-fight Cruz went off on Peterson for what he believed was a premature stoppage. ‘The Dominator’ went as far as suggesting that Peterson was drunk on the job.

How tall is Keith Peterson referee?

Keith Peterson

HEIGHT 5’5″ / 165.1 cm
WEIGHT 135 lbs / 61.23 kg

Who is the best UFC ref?

10 Best: Marc Goddard Now a referee for the UFC and many other organizations, Marc has proven himself a skilled ref with an incredible knowledge of the game. He still calls himself a fighter trapped in a ref’s body.

Does Keith Peterson still work for the UFC?

Shortly after retiring from fighting, he decided to stay in the sport as a referee. It didn’t take long for Peterson to show his talent and start working as a UFC referee. For many fans, he is the best in the business who rarely makes any mistakes.

What did Dominick Cruz say to Keith Peterson?

Dominick Cruz didn’t take too kindly to referee Keith Peterson stopping his bantamweight championship fight against Henry Cejudo at UFC 249 on Saturday night. In a post-fight interview after his loss (h/t MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin), Cruz said Peterson “smelled like alcohol and cigarettes.”

Is Herb Dean a fighter?

Herbert Dean (born September 30, 1970) is an American professional mixed martial arts referee for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and former fighter….

Herb Dean
Fighting out of Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Team Submission Factory
Years active 2001–2007 (MMA)
Mixed martial arts record

How much are UFC referees paid?

Professional referees generally get from $1000 to $2500 per fight for non-PPV matches while they get anywhere from $5000 to $15000 per fight for Pay Per Views. Entry Level Referees generally do not get called up to UFC.

How much money does a UFC referee make?

UFC Referee Salary: How Much Do UFC Refs Make?

Level Per Fight Salary Yearly Earnings
Entry Level MMA Referees $250 $14,500
Professional MMA Referees $2,500 $380,000
Female MMA Referees $1,000 $60,000

How much does Keith Peterson make?

*These are estimated numbers. Original figures may vary.

Chris Tognoni 12/4/10 $270,000
Marc Goddard N/A $270,000
Dan Miragliotta 2007/11/17 $30,000
Keith Peterson N/A $30,000

How much does Herb Dean get paid as a ref?

As a referee for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he has been widely hailed as the gold standard in MMA. Furthermore, Dean won Fighters Only Magazine’s World MMA Award for Referee of the Year every year from 2010 to 2014, and again in 2019 and 2020. Herb Dean’s salary with the UFC is $500,000 per year.

Does Dan Miragliotta still ref?

You can expect to see Miragliotta continue reffing at every major MMA event in the future. Like him or not, he is one of the most respected MMA referees in the sport.

Did you know UFC referee Keith Peterson used to fight?

I Bet You Didn’t Know Referee Keith Peterson Used to Fight, Did You? You’ve seen him referee UFC bouts, and you probably noted him for his tattoos and thought that he’d either played in a hardcore band at CBGB’s or killed people in the mosh pit. But what you likely didn’t know about Keith Peterson is that he used to fight.

What did Cruz say about Peterson at UFC 249?

Cruz pulled no punches as he blasted Peterson’s incompetence during his co-main event bout with Henry Cejudo. And the UFC 249 referee has hit back at the fighter’s accusation by aiming a savage dig on Twitter.

Who is Mark Peterson?

Throughout 2007 and 2008, Peterson – who calls Long Island home and has long been a licensed official with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board – competed in Combat in the Cage, New Breed Fighters and Asylum Fight League.