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What can I expect from TruGreen?

What can I expect from TruGreen?

Your TruGreen specialist will always knock on your door to discuss your lawn with you. Your specialist will always leave a service summary at your door whether you are home or not. Make sure to leave gates or any points of entry unlocked, and keep your pets inside on the day your specialist is scheduled to arrive.

Does TruGreen use organic fertilizer?

Does TruGreen have an organic program? Yes. TruGreen’s organic program is called the TruNatural Lawn Care Plan and provides 100% organic fertilizer treatments.

How long does it take for TruGreen to spray?

Your weeds will typically start to decline in 10-14 days, but challenging weeds may take additional treatments for complete control. Your weeds may also be showing accelerated growth because of the application of grass fertilizer.

Is TruGreen toxic to dogs?

So, is TruGreen safe for pets? TruGreen wet chemical applications are not safe for pets for 4 hours up to two days after application. The company often uses pesticides that are full of dangerous substances that are not even safe for children until dry.

Can TruGreen make my dog sick?

TruGreen uses many types of chemicals that if ingested by pets or kids can cause symptoms such as vomiting and seizures. Some chemicals like metaldehyde used to control snails can be toxic even beyond most others. Kids and pets should stay off wet or dry applications from 4 hours to 2 days.

Is TruGreen cancerous?

TruGreen uses glyphosate, classified as probably carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, as well as a weedkiller with a label warning of “irreversible eye damage” and “allergic reactions,” and a neurotoxic insecticide, according to Beyond Pesticides.

How long does TruGreen take to dry?

1-2 hours
After a service, TruGreen advises customers to allow the application to dry before their families and pets can resume enjoying their lawns. Depending on weather conditions, the drying process usually takes from 1-2 hours.

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