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What bands are opening for Tool 2022?

What bands are opening for Tool 2022?

The openers for Tool’s imminent 2022 run are similarly wide-ranging, spanning the weirdo stonerisms of the Acid Helps (from February 19th to March 20th), the horns-heavy reimaginings of Brass Against (in Europe) and the nuanced indie-rock of Blonde Redhead (January 10th to February 10th).

Who is opening for Tool?

Blonde Redhead
As the headlining band

Tour Years Opening bands
2017 Tour 2017
Fear Inoculum 2019 Killing Joke, All Souls
2020 Tour 2020 Author & Punisher
Tool in Concert 2022 Blonde Redhead, The Acid Helps

Who is supporting Tool 2022?

collective Brass Against
Tool have announced that New York-based collective Brass Against will be playing as support on their upcoming European tour in 2022. Brass Against are a group of politically-minded musicians who – as declared on their website – “share the goal of creating music to inspire social and personal change”.

Does Tool have an opening act?

Blonde Redhead will perform as the opening act for Tool on dates ranging from January 10-February 10. The Acid Helps will take over that supporting role beginning February 19 through March 20.

Does Tool play sober in concert?

The System of a Down frontman stepped out onstage around the 3:30 mark of Tool’s centerpiece performance of Undertow’s “Sober,” delivering an operatic vocal solo that took the song into a whole other realm of mind-bending awesomeness. Watch fan-shot footage above, and check out video of the band’s full set below.

Are Tool concerts loud?

The sound was reliably loud but exquisitely mixed, making it easy to absorb the complex and finely tuned interplay among the four players as the show moved through its two hours and 15 minutes. There was little chatter onstage, though Keenan did take a moment early in the night to nod to his roots.

Is Tool rescheduling their tour?

When we played what would be our final show of 2020, March 11 at Portland’s Moda Center, we believed we would be back on the road sometime this Fall. As we worked towards that goal we’ve come to realize that there is absolutely no certainty in re-scheduling dates for this Fall or 2021.

Who is touring with tool?

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan is seemingly teasing a Puscifer tour after Tool just wrapped up their North American tour. It was reported how Maynard James Keenan had ‘difficulty’ before a Tool show. The official Instagram page of Maynard James

When is tool touring?

While Blonde Redhead’s run on the tour is over, Tool’s headlining outing will continue with a second leg that launches this Saturday (February 19th) in Boston, and runs through a March 20th show in Cleveland. The Acid Helps will serve as support for the next slate of shows, with tickets available via Ticketmaster.

When will Tool tour again?

Tool have hit the road once again. The band previously debuted a new song live on tour. The band recently performed at the Honda Center in Anaheim on January 18. It was at this show that vocalist Maynard James Keenan found out about the use of weed.

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