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Should I dispose HttpWebRequest?

Should I dispose HttpWebRequest?

HttpWebRequest does not implement IDisposable so it does not require disposing. just set the httprequest object to null once your done with it.

Which is better WebClient or HttpClient?

In a nutshell, WebRequest—in its HTTP-specific implementation, HttpWebRequest—represents the original way to consume HTTP requests in . NET Framework. WebClient provides a simple but limited wrapper around HttpWebRequest. And HttpClient is the new and improved way of doing HTTP requests and posts, having arrived with .

Is WebClient better than rest template?

Compared to RestTemplate , WebClient has a more functional feel and is fully reactive. Since Spring 5.0, RestTemplate is deprecated. It will probably stay for some more time but will not have major new features added going forward in future releases. So it’s not advised to use RestTemplate in new code.

Should I replace RestTemplate with WebClient?

Even on the official Spring documentation, they advise to use WebClient instead. WebClient can basically do what RestTemplate does, making synchronous blocking calls. But it also has asynchronous capabilities, which makes it interesting. It has a functional way of programming, which makes it easy to read as well.

Is feign client deprecated?

Feign client is really convenient tool to use. But I recently came to know that Rest-Template is going to be deprecated and will be replaced by WebClient, and Feign Client internally uses Rest-Template.

What is the alternative of RestTemplate?

WebClient offers a modern alternative to the RestTemplate with efficient support for both sync and async, as well as streaming scenarios. The RestTemplate will be deprecated in a future version and will not have major new features added going forward. We are writing a new project using spring boot 2.0.

What is the difference between RestTemplate and feign client?

When we use the RestTemplate to call the RESTful service, it creates duplication of code that talks to RESTful services. When we define Feign, we need only to define a proxy and define a single method into it. Feign helps us to simplify client code to talk to the RESTful web services.

Is it better to use httpclient or httpwebrequest with async?

If you use either of them with async it should be good for the performance point of view as it will not block the resources waiting for the response and you will get good throughput. HttpClient is preferred over HttpWebRequest due to async methods available out of the box and you would not have to worry about writing begin/end methods.

What is wrong with my getwebrequesthandler?

There is a problem in your implementation ‘A’. The lifetime of the instance returned from GetWebRequestHandler () is shortlived (maybe just for the sake of the example?). If this was done on purpose, it negates the passing of false for the 2nd param of HttpClient constructor.

Is it safe to reuse a httpclient?

This is my ApiClient which creates the HttpClient for only once. Register this object as singleton to your dependency injection library. It’s safe to reuse because it’s stateless. Do NOT recreate HTTPClient for each request. Reuse Httpclient as much as possible.

Can a single httpclient be shared by multiple requests?

I discovered that a single HttpClient could be shared by multiple requests. If shared, and the requests are to the same destination, multiple requests could reuse the connections. WebRequest needs to recreate the connection for each request.