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Is the neighborhood in My Brilliant Friend real?

Is the neighborhood in My Brilliant Friend real?

My Brilliant Friend was not actually filmed in the neighborhood, but on a large set constructed in Caserta, north of Naples. The tunnel in the Rione, assumed to be the basis for Ferrante’s fictional tunnel. The murals are “a way to give something back to the Rione,” Castaldo told CityLab.

Where is the neighborhood in the Neapolitan novels?

‘The Neapolitan Novels’ are set in the Naples quarter of Il Rione. The neighborhood where the girls live grows at the same pace as they do: Street vendors are replaced by storefronts as the years pass, and new apartment buildings are built to outshine the old Fascist-era housing blocks.

What is the stradone in Naples?

The stradone — the main road frequently mentioned in “My Brilliant Friend” — is possibly the Via Taddeo da Sessa. Ms. Ferrante’s characters return again and again to Piazza dei Martiri, the elegant plaza at the heart of the well-heeled Chiaia shopping district, where four majestic stone lions guard the center.

How old are the actresses in My Brilliant Friend?

Margherita Mazzucco, 19, and Gaia Girace, 18, are Italian actresses best known for their roles as Lenù and Lila in the HBO series “My Brilliant Friend,” based on Elena Ferrante’s novels. They spoke separately with Marc Myers by Zoom from Naples, Italy.

Is My Brilliant Friend queer?

My Brilliant Friend is narrated by Elena and her own words voice a vintage queerness that Elena fails to really acknowledge but embraces dearly as she only feels safe and comforted by Lila’s presence.

Why is Elena Ferrante so popular?

She’s singular because her writing is both compulsively readable and incredibly textured and full of literary beauty, depth and rhythm.” Ferrante was a familiar name in her native Italy long before she found worldwide success.

Is My Brilliant Friend filmed in Naples?

The telling of both seasons of “My Brilliant Friend” required some of the most massive production design in Europe. While many of the exterior shots of the series are filmed on-location in Naples, most of the show is shot on an elaborate set in Caserta, about 45 minutes from Naples by car.

Is my brilliant friend a love story?

The first in Ferrante’s Neapolitan quartet, My Brilliant Friend is a breathless, breathtaking love story – but not between a hero and heroine. Above all, the novels are a lingering, obsessive exercise in bringing two young woman into being.

Who is the father of Lila’s baby in My Brilliant Friend?

She becomes pregnant with Nino’s child at the same time Lila conceives a daughter with Enzo. They give birth to daughters one month apart.

Does LENU and Nino end up together?

Despite an initial attempt to break up with him, Elena eventually decides to accept Nino the way he is and moves with her daughters to Naples so she can be closer to him. She becomes pregnant with Nino’s child at the same time Lila conceives a daughter with Enzo. They give birth to daughters one month apart.

Who was the lady in the mirror at the end of My Brilliant Friend?

The episode ends with an awkward coda that takes place in the plane’s lavatory. Mazzucco, the 19-year-old actor who has somehow played Lenù marvellously from her teens into her thirties, looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of Alba Rohrwacher, the actor who will take over for My Brilliant Friend’s last season.

Where are Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels set?

New street art celebrating Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels has just been unveiled in Rione Luzzatti, the area of Naples where the bestselling books are understood to be set.

What is the Naples of Elena Ferrante?

To view the Naples of Ms. Ferrante is to view Naples like a native. Elena Ferrante is the pseudonym for the author of seven books, most prominently the Neapolitan novels — gritty, unflinching portraits of female friendship set against a backdrop of political and social upheaval in Italy from the 1950s to the present.

Is Rione Luzzatti a real place in Naples?

In 1929, Naples’s first soccer stadium was built in the Rione, but it was destroyed by Allied bombings during World War II. Although the area is never named in the novels, there is little doubt that it is Rione Luzzatti that Ferrante describes. “I picked up the books without knowing anything.

Is Elena Ferrante a man or a woman?

Their official biography, however, refers to Ferrante as a woman, and offers a single personal detail: “Elena Ferrante was born in Naples.”