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Is SGDQ online?

Is SGDQ online?

The group has been continuing with online versions of ADGQ and SDGQ through 2021 and 2022 with Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 putting up another record-setting run of donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

What is the fastest Zelda Speed Run?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner conquers the game in just 25 minutes. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a new speedrun record of 25 minutes and 23 seconds.

Will AGDQ 2022 be online?

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online is a wrap! We’d like to extend our deepest thanks to the community for their continued support during this pandemic! Didn’t have time to watch all of the event? All of the runs for AGDQ 2022 are now available on our YouTube channel!

Is SGDQ in person?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Games Done Quick events were virtual events from SGDQ 2020 to AGDQ 2022, with in-person attendance returning for SGDQ 2022 under strict social distancing and mandatory masking protocols, while also continuing to intersperse remote runners alongside those present on-stage.

Who is the best OoT Speedrunner?

For the full version of Ocarina, the Any% world record is 6 minutes, 49 seconds, currently held by PaintSkate8.

What time does AGDQ 2020 Day 1 start?

Day one of AGDQ 2020 is packed with some great variety, providing a great spread of gaming fun over the entire day. The first full 24 hour-day of speedrunning kicks into full gear as the stream rolls into early Monday morning, with the first three Myst games at 12:30AM, 1AM, and 1:15AM respectively.

What is the AGDQ 2020 awful games block?

The early morning of Thursday is home to the AGDQ 2020 Awful Games block, which is a collection of exceptionally bad games. Whether they’re full of glitches of just downright bad, these games often make for hilarious and surprisingly uproarious speedruns.

How do you get ZFG on Arwings?

Zfg spawned in the Arwings without the use of mods or cheating devices; he used an unedited ROM cartridge of the game, playing on a standard Nintendo 64 console. Arbitrary code execution allows speedrunners to force the game to load filenames as game code.

What is ZFG’s total control?

This method is known as “Total Control”. Zfg used it to turn all doors in Kakariko Village into Arwings, which swarm and attack the player. Zfg is one of the most well-known speedrunners. Writing for GQ, David Levesley noted him as “one of the big names in [speedrunning]” and as a ” [speedrun] titan.”