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Is Pink close with her father?

Is Pink close with her father?

Throughout her life and career, the singer had been open about the father-daughter pair’s closeness and the lessons that he had taught her throughout her life. “Til forever,” she wrote alongside two black-and-white photos of the father-daughter duo, following his death.

When did Pink sing with her dad?

Thank you to you and your dad for that song.” Pink featured “I Have Seen the Rain” on her 2007 album “I’m Not Dead” as a hidden track. During the song’s intro, she explained the sweet tune was the first song she ever learned, and taught her how to harmonize and to how to “love an acoustic guitar.”

Who was Pink’s father?

Jim MoorePink / Father

Does Pink have a relationship with her parents?

Pink’s relationship with her mom has also improved greatly in her adulthood, as she told Redbook. “Over the years, we just slowly worked it out She became a happy person for the first time, which gave me such hope that as a woman, it’s never too late. I enjoy her so much now. We have such a solid relationship.”

How old is Jim Moore?

Jim Moore, the long-time Tournament Referee at the Cinch Championships, has passed away at the age of 83.

Does Pink get on with her mum?

The 41-year-old singer confessed her relationship with her mum, Judith ‘Judy’ Moore, has had a ‘good and bad’ effect on her as a parent.

Does Pink have a good relationship with her parents?

Does Pink have a brother?

Jason MoorePink / Brother

What happened to Pink’s father?

Pink’s father, Jim Moore, died Thursday after battling prostate cancer, Page Six can confirm. He was 75. The “So What” singer, 41, took to Instagram early Friday to mourn the Pennsylvania-based Vietnam War veteran by sharing a pair of throwback photos of them.

Did pink’s dad sing in the Vietnam War?

Earlier this week, Pink also shared a 2007 photo from when she brought her dad onstage to sing a song he wrote while serving in the Vietnam War. During the performance, Pink called Jim her “favorite person in the whole world,” adding, “He wrote a song about 40 years ago in Vietnam.

What did Pink say about Jim Moore’s death?

On Aug. 26, the singer shared an Instagram tribute honoring Jim Moore following his passing. “Til forever,” Pink captioned two photos of her dancing with her dad, one as a young girl and then again as an adult.

What did Jimi Hendrix say about Pink?

Jim — who divorced Pink’s mother, Judy Moore, when she was a child — had long been one of the entertainer’s biggest champions, too. “Nothing’s better than and wilder than seeing her do this,” he raved to the Philadelphia City Paper in 2000 of her then-still-blossoming career. “She said she was going to do it as a kid and she meant it.”