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How many applications do I need for pupillage?

How many applications do I need for pupillage?

Applicants can apply for a maximum of 20 pupillages via the Pupillage Gateway. The system requires you to complete standardised application forms for each set.

How do I make my pupillage application stand out?

Make your application stand out from the crowd Write coherently and clearly about your reasons for applying. Be honest and authentic. Working in the field of practice or as a solicitor can really help. Commercial barrister Chris Greenwood, 4 New Square, remembers two particularly outstanding applications.

How many pupillage applications can you make?

20 applications
Applicants may submit up to 20 applications through the Pupillage Gateway. All chambers advertise on the gateway website, but some require you to apply directly to them with your CV and a cover letter.

How difficult is it to get pupillage?

Before doing a pupillage, you must have completed your undergraduate degree or GDL and passed the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or equivalent. Pupillages are notoriously difficult to secure and are often a source of frustration for many budding barristers looking to take the next step in their legal career.

How many people apply for pupillage annually?

3,301 candidates
According to Bar Council figures, 3,301 candidates applied for just 246 positions via the pupillage gateway in 2021. On average, applicants submitted around six application each. In 2020, 2,142 applicants competed for 237 pupillages.

How do you do well in a pupillage interview?

Nine essential tips to help you ace a pupillage interview

  1. Find out which gates of the Inns of Court are open.
  2. Consider the consequences of not being yourself.
  3. Read your pupillage application again.
  4. Consider how changes in the law apply to practice.
  5. Consider how changes in the world apply to the law.

How does pupillage work at 11 South square?

During pupillage, pupils will usually sit with four pupil supervisors. 11 South Square prides itself on the variety of its tenants’ work and so this ensures that pupils get to see as many different areas of chambers work as possible.

Who are the current pupil Supervisors for pupillages?

The current pupil supervisors for pupillages are Anna Edwards-Stuart, Kathryn Pickard, Tom Alkin, Chris Aikens, Christopher Hall and David Ivison. All of our current tenants were previously pupils at 11 South Square.

How do I apply for a third six pupillage?

Pupillage is not run as a competition between pupils, and Chambers’ approach is to recruit all pupils as tenants who meet the required standard. Please apply for pupillage via the Pupillage Gateway. We welcome applications for third six pupillages from applicants who have completed a pupillage at a leading Commercial or Chancery set.