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How do you get an angry scapula?

How do you get an angry scapula?

Get Angry Scapula at Shadow Forest (Another World) Go inside the cave underneath a waterfall and read the note next to the chest containing the Aroma Pouch. If you chose to recruit Guile or Pierre in Termina (Another World), you can get the Angry Scapula after the events in Viper Manor and Guldove in Another World.

How do you wake up the monster in shadow forest Chrono Cross?

Talk to Nikki and let him join your party. Next, check the note on the floor, which tells you how to wake the sleeping monster outside.

How do I get into Viper Manor?

Simply head to the front entrance of Viper Manor where the two guards await you. Pierre will have a quick dialogue with them and then you’ll have to fight and defeat them. Shortly after, you’ll run into Solt, Peppor, and Ketchop, who you’ll have to defeat before continuing into the manor.

How to recruit Nikki in Chrono Cross the Radical Dreamers edition?

Here’s how to recruit Nikki in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. First off, there are technically three guides to choose from — but choosing one will lock the other two out entirely on this playthrough. The three guides are Guile the magician, Nikki the rocker, and Pierre the vain swordsman.

How do you find Nikki in the Shadow Forest?

After arriving at the Shadow Forest, move west until the party encounters Nikki talking to an orb-like animal. After talking to it, he will then move further west. Once Serge and his party catches up to Nikki, they find him surrounded by Cassowaries.

Is there a sequel to Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Cross, the sequel to the RPG favorite Chrono Trigger, begins when a young man named Serge realizes that he can travel between dimensions. Soon, he is fighting a war to keep each world alive and find out why he is involved.

How do you get Nikki to enter the cave found south?

Once Serge and his party catches up to Nikki, they find him surrounded by Cassowaries. Engage and defeat them in battle. After, Nikki will go inside the cave found south.