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How do you drill down a report in SSRS?

How do you drill down a report in SSRS?

Create SSRS drill down report, add link enable/disable based on specific condition, adding download links in reports. In this article, we are going to learn how we can create SSRS Drilldown Report, please follow the following steps. Open SQL Server Data Tools. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project.

How do you expand and collapse in SSRS report?

To add expand and collapse action to a report item

  1. Select Show to display the report item.
  2. Select Hide to hide the report item.
  3. Select Show or hide based on an expression to use an expression evaluated at run time to determine the visibility. Click (fx) to open the Expression dialog box to create an expression.

How do you implement expand all collapse all for drill down in SSRS?

How to Implement Expand All/Collapse All for Drill-Down in SSRS

  1. Getting started.
  2. Create a hidden parameter.
  3. Tie the visibility of the Details group to the parameter.
  4. Set up the buttons.
  5. Add actions to the buttons.

What is drill down and roll up?

Drill-down refers to the process of viewing data at a level of increased detail, while roll-up refers to the process of viewing data with decreasing detail. Our system provides smooth and continuous level-of-detail control in all drilling operations.

How do you collapse rows in sheets?

To hide a row, right click on the row number on the left of the spreadsheet and choose Hide row. To hide multiple rows in a Google Spreadsheet, click on the first row and drag across the rows you wish to hide, or hold the Shift key and click on the last row you want to hide.

What is a drill down report in SSRs?

The Drill Down Reports in SSRS means allowing Users to Show or Hide the Column Data by providing plus and minus symbols on a text box (In short, Providing Interactivity to the Users).

How do I show or hide items in a Drilldown report?

When you create a report with a drilldown action, the visibility information must be set on the group, column, or row that you want to hide, not just a single text box in the row or column. In addition, the text box that you use for the toggle must be in a containing scope that controls the item that you want to show or hide.

What is Drilldown action in Report Builder?

Privacy policy. Thank you. APPLIES TO: ✔️ Microsoft Report Builder (SSRS) ✔️ Power BI Report Builder ✔️ Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools By providing plus and minus icons on a text box, you can enable users in a paginated report to hide and display items interactively. This is called a drilldown action.

How do I expand/collapse detail data in a report?

For each inner group (including the details group), add an expand/collapse icon to the grouping cell of the containing group. When the report is rendered, the user can click the text box to expand and collapse the detail data. For more information, see Tables (Report Builder and SSRS).