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How do you beat Death Valley in BTD5?

How do you beat Death Valley in BTD5?

Death Valley/Strategies

  1. Using Glue Gunners can help slow down the bloons and avoid losing lives.
  2. Spike Factories can save you many lives if placed at the end of the paths.
  3. Arctic Wind can be helpful if placed at the center of the track.
  4. Sniper monkeys can detect bloons on the whole map.

What is the max level in Bloons TD 5?

Rank 200 is the max.

How do you beat Bloons Tower Defense 5 hard?

In Bloons TD 5, the player must pass Round 85, which is the first round with a ZOMG bloon, in order to win on hard difficulty. The Bloons move a little bit faster than on Easy Mode or Medium mode, and the player has only 100 lives. Towers are 8% more expensive than in Medium Difficulty.

How do you beat level 76 on Bloons Tower Defense 5?

This round is easily defeated by towers with combined high pierce and DPS. Pop the bloons quickly or use effective anti-Regrow countermeasures or else these bloons can regenerate indefinitely.

What is the easiest map on BTD5?

The road is straight, from left to right and top to bottom, making it very difficult to complete. The tracks are the same as Consecrated Ground. This map is arguably the easiest Extreme map in BTD5, as the bloons paths physically cross each other in an intersection, unlike Bloontonium Lab or Tar Pits.

Is bloody puddles harder than muddy puddles?

Overview. This map is a more difficult version of Muddy Puddles with 5 paths and multiple entries and exits per round. There are extra puddles on the map, a broken jeep and some mossy stones that prevent towers from being placed there (The jeep blocks line of sight too) along with a few more trees around the map.

How hard is Impoppable?

Unlike its BTD5 counterpart, Bloons in Impoppable move at the same speed as a normal Hard game, and Ceramic and MOAB Class Bloons don’t have more health. Winning Impoppable Difficulty in a normal game guarantees one free Insta-Monkey, just like beating Round 100 in all other games.

What does Impoppable mean?

“Impoppable” is a portmanteau of “impossible” and “pop”. When a tower is under a village, it will cost the same as on Hard. Because 3/X Sniper Monkeys only do 18 Damage, they will get rid of the ceramic layer on Hard but not on Impoppable, leaving Pinks behind.

Why is round 63 so hard?

Summary. Round 63 is one of the most dangerous mid-game rounds in the whole of BTD6 due to how densely packed the Ceramic waves are at such an early stage of the game, making this round quite difficult to pass through on many CHIMPS games.

How do you beat Round 78 in btd5?


  1. Radar Scanner is important for nearby towers.
  2. Bloon Trap farming in earlier rounds allows enough farming Bloon Traps on this round become a useful of a counter to Round 78, especially on mobile versions. With enough Bloon Trap spam, the Cleansing Foams from the Engineers should decamo the Camo Ceramics well.

What is the longest BTD6 map?

This map is the longest track in Bloons TD 6 as of currently. It 60 R.B.S. long, while Resort, the second longest track, is 54 R.B.S. long.

How do you beat chimps on flooded valley?

General Tips

  1. Always use water towers whenever possible. It is almost impossible without them.
  2. Always start with a 0-0-0 Monkey Sub on Flooded Valley CHIMPS, with one placed around the lower curve. Set on Strong.
  3. The best hero to use is either Pat Fusty or Admiral Brickell.

Is Btd 7 confirmed?

Much remains the same from Bloons TD 6, including Heroes, Monkey Knowledge, and game modes….Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop.

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