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How do I stylishly hide my TV?

How do I stylishly hide my TV?

13 Actually Genius Ways Designers Hide TVs

  1. of 13. Hide it Behind Cabinet Doors.
  2. of 13. Put It In a Painting.
  3. of 13. Try a Gallery Wall.
  4. of 13. Go For An Antique Look.
  5. of 13. Use a Panel.
  6. of 13. Go Glam.
  7. of 13. Distract Your Eye.
  8. of 13. Get a Picture TV.

How do you make a magic mirror TV?

  1. Step 1: Install the Magic Mirror software onto your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Step 2: Build a box for the TV.
  3. Step 3: Make a frame to go around the outside.
  4. Step 4: Paint or stain the frame.
  5. Step 5: Apply the mirror film.
  6. Step 6: Cut off the edges of the film.
  7. Step 7: Attach the frame.
  8. Step 8: Hang the mirror on the wall.

Is there a TV that turns into a mirror?

Mirror televisions, also known as “smart mirors,” have a simple, yet elegant design. They are created using a frame of your choice and a transparent dielectric mirror. The latest Samsung TV models are very slim, which allows them to be mounted close to the wall, blending in seamlessly with your decor.

How much does a TV in a mirror cost?

Dielectric Bedroom / Living Room Mirror

Dielectric Mirror Sizes 1/2″ Larger than viewable area on all sides. Installation instructions.
Mirror Size Fits TV Size Price
57.75″ x 32.6″ 65″ $2,091.83
62″ x 35.25″ 70″ $2,199.95
66.4″ x 37.75″ 75″ $2,199.95

How much is a mirror television?

49″ Mirror TV | $7,425.00.

How do you cover a TV with a tapestry?

Cut your dowel so it’s approximately 10 inches longer than the television screen (5 inches on the right and 5 inches on the left), and slip it into the fabric’s pocket. Then place the tapestry onto the hooks by the dowel. When you want to watch TV, simply roll up the fabric or take down the tapestry entirely.

How do I make my own smart mirror?

Smart mirrors have been around awhile, and the most prominent version comes from Michael Teeuw. The idea is pretty simple; you’ll build a frame and box. Inside the box, you’ll place one-way glass (often seen on TV in police dramas), a monitor, a Raspberry Pi, and the cables necessary to power your setup.

How to make a mirror TV?

To create a mirror tv there are three simple components: a display, a frame, and a semi-transparent mirror. 1. The TV 2. The Frame 3. The Mirror It is a perfect DIY project to learn woodworking and as a result you get a high tech home decor piece that looks truly amazing.

How do you hide a wall mounted TV in a library?

“In an oak-paneled Manhattan library, I designed an antique mirror to hide the wall-mounted television,” Thompson says. “The mirror’s lower panels retract like a garage door to reveal an entertainment system behind. This mechanism allowed us to create a room that was incredibly functional, without sacrificing an ounce of beauty!”

Can you hide a TV behind a retractable mirror?

Designer CeCe Barfield Thompson hid a TV behind a retractable antique mirror for max glam. “In an oak-paneled Manhattan library, I designed an antique mirror to hide the wall-mounted television,” Thompson says.

How can I decorate my wall around my TV?

Adding something unique like baskets, hats or another type of decor can still decorate your wall and detract from the TV (like in the image above via Jessica McCarthy ). 2. Add Themed Artwork – Pick a theme for framed artwork in uniform frames to hang around the TV, like Polished Habitat did with these city photos.