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How do I get gems in Pandaria?

How do I get gems in Pandaria?

Acquiring Gems

  1. Raw uncut gems are mainly found by Prospecting Ghost Iron Ore, Kyparite, White Trillium Ore, and Black Trillium Ore.
  2. Killing the rare mob Lith’ik the Stalker in Townlong Steppes awards Big Bag of Jewels.
  3. Players can create Serpent’s Heart once a day, which contains rare gems.

How do I get Pandaria 75 in jewelcrafting?

Go to Pandaria and find Mai the Jade Shaper in The Jade Forest at Greenstone Village, then learn Pandaria Jewelcrafting. Draenei characters have +10 Jewelcrafting skill because of their passive [Gemcutting].

Can you prospect epic gems in TBC?

You wouldn’t stockpile ore for epic gems since they do not come from prospecting. They are raid trash drops from BT and Hyjal.

Where do you get meta gems?

Meta Gems do not drop from mobs, they can only be obtained from jewelcrafters or two specific vendors. And even those vendors have unique requirements for you to purchase the gem. The do not charge gold for them, the gems are purchased with Apexis Shards or Spirit Shards.

How do I get epic gems?

The epic gems obtainable from these three sources are: [Crimson Spinel]…Uncut epic gems are available from three sources:

  1. After the second boss in each base of Mount Hyjal is defeated, Ancient Gem Veins spawn along the road to the next base and can be mined for epic gems.
  2. They can drop from trash mobs in Black Temple.

Can you buy meta gems?

What gems fit a meta socket?

A meta gem socket only accepts a meta gem….Meta gem properties.

Prefix Attributes
Chaotic Critical Strike & Increased Critical Effect
Destructive Critical Strike & Spell Reflect
Effulgent Stamina & Reduced damage taken from spells
Ember Intellect & Increased Mana

Where can I find epic gems?

Most epic gems are dropped from bosses in Heroic mode dungeons . These gems are worth 9 item values. Orange, match yellow or red sockets. Green, match yellow or blue sockets. Purple, match red or blue sockets.

What’s new in jewelcrafting?

Several new recipes that use Jaggal and Shadow Pearls have been added to jewelcrafting trainers. Increased the chance to find blue gems when prospecting. Removed the 1 hour cooldown when cutting diamonds. Reduced the matching requirements for some diamonds. Patch 2.0.1 (2006-12-05): Added.

How do I socket a generic gem?

Gems can be socketed by shift+right-clicking an item that has sockets. This will bring up a window with sockets appearing at the bottom for you to drop the gem (s) into. After placing your gems into the sockets you want, click the “Socket Gems” button to socket the gems.

How do I get more JC tokens?

Tokens can be earned, one per day, by completing a daily quest in your faction capital (Stormwind or Orgrimmar). Patterns, JC-only gems, and other JC-related goods can be purchased for one to four Tokens each, making this a profitable venture even when you’ve reached the skill cap.