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How did Ben Clymer make his money?

How did Ben Clymer make his money?

Benjamin “Ben” Clymer (born 1982) is an American businessman known as the executive chairman and founder of Hodinkee, a luxury watch and lifestyle website. He is an authority and influencer in the world of watches.

Who bought Hodinkee?

With over 75 brands—including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs—163,000 employees and making over €53 billion in 2019—I think it’s safe to say that it knows its stuff. “But what have they got to do with Hodinkee and watches?” Well LVMH also owns Hublot, Zenith and TAG-Heuer—oh, and now a stake in Hodinkee.

What is the meaning of Hodinkee?

Hodinkee, stylized as HODINKEE, is a New York City-based watch website, known as an influential editorial and e-commerce site for new and vintage wristwatches. Founded in 2008, the name comes from the Czech and Slovak word for wristwatch, “hodinky”.

Who is the CEO of Hodinkee?

Jeffery Fowler
Following another C-Suite appointment last year, Hodinkee has appointed Jeffery Fowler to serve as its new CEO, the company announced on Monday via email to Retail Dive. Hodinkee’s former CEO, Toby Bateman, will remain in his advisory role at the company.

What happened to HoDinkee?

After a new round of fundraising, adding $40m to its corporate coffers, HoDinkee is now owned by TCG, LVMH Luxury Ventures, True Ventures, Future Shape and Google Ventures.

Does HoDinkee have a store?

The Hodinkee showroom will be open to the public, and will be accessed from a street-level elevator. It will feel like a clubhouse where enthusiasts can come for advice and inspiration as well as shopping.

What happened to Stephen pulvirent?

He currently serves at the Manager of Editorial Operations at HODINKEE, the preeminent resource for all things watches.

Why did Toby Bateman leave Hodinkee?

In stepping down from the CEO role, Bateman said in a statement he wanted to focus on his family. “Jeff is a dynamic leader, one whose expertise and innovative mentality make him the ideal choice to guide Hodinkee into the future,” Ben Clymer, Hodinkee founder and executive chairman, said in a statement.

Who is Cara Barrett?

Cara Barrett is the founder of Parchie, a kids watch brand named after the imaginary friend she had as a kid. Are you obsessed? Before Parchie, she was an editor at HODINKEE, which is where I discovered her.

Is Cara Barrett still with HODINKEE?

Cara Barrett worked for HODINKEE, in a number of capacities, from 2015 to 2021. Click here to read her final story, the instant-classic essay, “All Watches Should Be Unisex.” You can follow Parchie on Instagram @parchiepal. Photos by Emiliano Granado. For more information about Parchie watches, go to

How do I contact HoDinkee?

Submitting a request to [email protected]. Calling us at (646) 664 4269.