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Do Zetor still make tractors?

Do Zetor still make tractors?

In its 70-year history, Zetor has sold over 1.3 million tractors. Currently, the Zetor portfolio includes six model ranges with power outputs ranging from 40 to 160 hp (30 to 120 kW)….Zetor.

Type Privately held
Industry Agricultural machinery
Founded 1946
Headquarters Brno, Czech Republic
Products Tractors Diesel engines

What tractors are made in Poland?

Farm Tractors made in Poland

  • Pronar 1221A-II farm tractor.
  • Pronar 82SA-III farm tractor.
  • Pronar 82TSA-III farm tractor.
  • Pronar 1025A-III farm tractor.
  • Pronar 1221A-III farm tractor.
  • Pronar 82A-II farm tractor.
  • Pronar 82SA-II farm tractor.
  • Pronar 82TSA-II farm tractor.

Where are pronar trailers made?

While the Pronar brand-name is relatively unknown here in Ireland, the entity is a manufacturer of some significance in its native Poland.

How many ZETOR tractors are there?

Over 1.3 million Zetor tractors, which have been exported to more than 90 countries worldwide, have been manufactured since the beginning of the production of Zetor tractors in 1946. The production base of Zetor tractors and engines is concentrated in the heart of Europe.

Are there any Zetor dealers in the UK?

Midlands / Warwickshire Dealer, UK. We are now proud to have partnered with, and become a main dealer for ZETOR Tractors in the UK. The Zetor brand represents tradition, quality and reasonably priced products and services.

How many hours on A 5340 ZETOR FORTERRA?

zetor 5340 4wd tractor with quickie 415 loader manual gear box 7500 hours… 2005 Zetor Forterra 11741, air con, front weights, passenger seat, 18.4R38 – 14.9R24, 3742hrs, AutoQuad Plus – 24/24, 40 km/h, Standard Cab, Economy Seat, Mirrors – Left-hand and Right-hand Manual Telescopic, Non-…

Is the Zetor 6245 a good tractor?

Good basic technology tractor. The loader has a slight issue which at the moment we don’t have time to address. Give me a call and we can discuss. Check out the pictures. Phone number is 0794915 9296 as th… Zetor 6245 and Trima loader. Joystick control with 3rd service. Good condition for a 1985 tractor..