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Do you need a permit to build a deck in Charleston SC?

Do you need a permit to build a deck in Charleston SC?

General Regulations Before any building can be done, the property owner must obtain permits allowing the deck to be built. As part of the approval process, any overhead electrical lines must be at least 10 feet above the planned height of the deck.

Do I need a permit to build a fence in Charleston SC?

To obtain a Fence Permit you will need to submit the following: Home Owners Association approval if necessary. Your property’s plat. This will need to show property lines, the residence, and any easements.

Do I need a permit to build a shed in SC?

A shed or storage building (pre-built or built on site) that is larger than 200 square feet requires a building permit.

Do I need a permit to build a pergola in SC?

Building permits are required in South Carolina for any construction project that creates a new structure or alters, adds to, renovates, or demolishes an existing building.

How far from property line can you build a fence in SC?

Ten (10) feet from any property line; or b. three (3) feet to any property line adjacent to a street right-of-way or adjacent property which may not be used for building or development (e.g. swamps, wetlands). 2.

Can I cut tree limbs overhanging my property in SC?

In South Carolina, the criminal statute, Section 16-11-520 provides: (A) It is unlawful for a person to wilfully and maliciously cut, mutilate, deface, or otherwise injure a tree, house, outside fence, or fixture of another or commit any other trespass upon real property of another.

How close to my fence can my Neighbour build?

As a rule of thumb, a build that reaches 7.2 feet is considered acceptable and anything over that we do recommend speaking to your neighbour.

What are South Carolina’s residential swimming pool regulations?

The South Carolina residential swimming pool regulations are very clear and easy to understand. The regulations are to ensure your safety, the safety of your family, and the safety of anyone that will be using the pool.

Do you need a gate for a swimming pool in South Carolina?

All residential swimming pools in South Carolina must have a gate attached to the fence or enclosure. However, the gate must be a self-closing gate. The gate should be able to close by itself after it is opened. The swimming pool gate must also have a self-latching device for keeping the doors or gates securely closed at all times.

Where should I put my swimming pool in South Carolina?

If your residential swimming pool is a non-inflatable swimming pool, Some cities in South Carolina, like the City of Aiken Zoning Ordinance mandates people to ensure it is located in the side yard or rear yard of the residence.

How do I text for pool alerts from Charleston recreation?

Text AQHHP to 84483 to receive Aquatics Herbert Hasell Pool alerts from City of Charleston Recreation . Text AQJIP to 84483 to receive Aquatics James Island Pool alerts from City of Charleston Recreation . 2. If you don’t want to text the keyword, click HERE and then click “Subscribe” next to the group you wish to receive alerts from.