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Can you use PEX tubing on a hot water heating system?

Can you use PEX tubing on a hot water heating system?

Yes, PEX pipe is approved for radiant or hydronic heating applications. Since ferrous components are likely to be present in the system, it is important to use oxygen barrier PEX pipe to help prevent ferrous components from rusting.

Can shark bites be used on heating systems?

Below you will see several examples of Sharkbite Fittings installations to Copper Pipe and PEX Tubing. Sharbite Fittings are lead free so they can be used in Plumbing and Heating Systems. These Fittings are perfect for the do it yourselfer or the season pro.

Can PEX and copper be used together?

PEX works well with existing copper plumbing. There is no concern that any of the materials used in either type of pipe will negatively react to the other type of pipe, making them very compatible. The two types of pipe easily connect together using several different types of connectors, such as: Solder-on.

Can you connect PEX to copper without soldering?

No matter which fitting you choose, there are only two basic methods for connecting PEX to copper pipe. Traditional copper connections require soldering or “sweating,” while newer, more innovative options like SharkBite fittings connect to copper without any special tools.

Can I remove fins on baseboard heat to reduce the amount of heat?

If you want to permanently reduce the amount of heat transfer from this section of baseboard radiator, depending on the specific design of your baseboards, you might be able to carefully remove the fins from part of some of length of it. This is another way of reducing the heat transfer properties.

How do you connect PEX to copper pipe?

The traditional way of connecting PEX to copper involves using a threaded sweat adapter on the copper side (to connect with the PEX fitting) and soldering to create a watertight seal.

What size PEX to use for baseboard?

In general, 5/8″ PEX will feed loops that would normally be run in 3/4″ copper. You’ll also need the correct fittings to interface the PEX to the baseboard.

Can I use PEX to connect radiators to baseboards?

They use copper in baseboards for a reason – it has high thermal conductivity. PEX will do a poor job of transferring heat to the fins/air when compared to copper. You can use PEX to plumb between radiators. I’m assuming you mean to connect them. Yes, you can.

Can you use push fit fittings for PEX?

They are the most expensive of the fittings you can use to connect PEX to copper. Despite being the most expensive, their ease-of-use makes push-fit fittings a good option when you only need to make a few connections of copper and PEX.