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Can you use GoToMyPC on a Mac?

Can you use GoToMyPC on a Mac?

Yes, you can use GoToMyPC to access your Mac from a PC, your PC from a Mac or your Mac from a Mac. When connecting to a Mac, GoToMyPC will automatically launch a Viewer optimized for Mac.

How do I install GoToMyPC on my Mac?

Log in at from the computer you wish to install GoToMyPC on.

  1. At the bottom of the My Computer page, select + Add This Computer .
  2. Click the Install GoToMyPC button.
  3. The download will begin.
  4. Once you select Install, you will be prompted to enter your computer log in credentials.
  5. You’re almost there!

How do I access my computer from GoToMyPC?

How can I connect to my host computer?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log In in the top right corner.
  3. Log in using your GoToMyPC email address and account password.
  4. If prompted, choose the account you want to access and click Go.
  5. Locate the desired computer and click Connect.

What does Unable to connect to host mean?

This error indicates that your web server did not accept our TCP connection request, and hence the HTTP Request could not be performed.

Why is GoToMyPC so slow?

A lack of system resources can slow down the speed and performance. If you are on an older operating system, reboot the host computer to clear and release memory. Improvement internet speed – Your internet service provider (ISP) may have a slow upload speed but a fast download speed.

What is the client computer on GoToMyPC?

Your client computer is the computer you use to access and connect to your host computer. You do not need to have the GoToMyPC software installed on your client computer to connect and start a GoToMyPC session.

Does LogMeIn central work on Mac?

Access on the go Fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop, or iOS and Android. You can download LogMeIn from these mobile app stores, or for these desktop operating systems: iTunes. windows.

Can’t connect to server on Mac?

In the Finder on your Mac, choose Finder > Preferences. Click General, then make sure the “Connected servers” checkbox is selected. Click Sidebar, then make sure the “Connected servers” checkbox is selected.

Is go to my PC good?

GoToMyPC is a very easy-to-use remote desktop connection manager. The fact that you can connect to a Mac or PC from mobile devices is nice, and we appreciated the basic file transfer and remote printing features. But, it’s hard to recommend GoToMyPC for most users because of how much it costs.

How do I use GoToMyPC on my Mac or PC?

2) Make sure you have GoToMyPC installed on the Mac or PC you want to access. 3) Tap the GoToMyPC app from your iPad or iPhone to access your computer. Your computer is always just a few taps away. GoToMyPC is… • Use your computer wherever you take your iPad or iPhone – meaning everywhere.

How do I log in to my GoToMyPC account?

From any other computer with Internet access – whether in the next room or another country – go to and log in with your username and password. Click the Connect button next to the computer you wish to access and enter your access code.

Why is GoToMyPC not installed on my computer?

If there is not a icon on your desktop, then GoToMyPC may not be installed on your computer. To install, log in to If your computer is not listed on the My Computers page, click the Install GoToMyPC button (or Add Computer button if you already have GoToMyPC installed on other computers).

What are the technical requirements to use GoToMyPC?

Your Android tablet or phone must be equipped with Android 2.3.3 or higher. Your host Mac or PC must be equipped with GoToMyPC version 7, build 533 or above. Q: Is GoToMyPC secure? Yes, your GoToMyPC remote access sessions are completely private and secure.