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Who makes Brandt grain carts?

Who makes Brandt grain carts?

Pitonyak Machinery Corporation
There is the Arkansas-based Brandt, purchased by Pitonyak Machinery Corporation (PMC) nine years ago. (See Eddie Pitonyak, owner of PMC, claims Brandt is one of the oldest grain carts around, built as far back as 1947 by John Henry Brandt (see photo).

Do you know what grain cart is used for?

At its most basic level, a grain cart is simply a wagon used to hold grain and harvested produce. They derive most of their use from working alongside a combine operator, which requires no small amount of coordination to pull off.

How much does a grain cart cost?

The cost of a grain cart is tied directly to two main factors: size of the cart and the type of tires or tracks. “A 1,000-bushel Kinze grain cart can range from $70,000 to $105,000,” says Veatch. “The unit with tracks will be on the higher end of that range.” One trend companies are seeing is a shift to a larger cart.

What size grain cart do I need?

A lot of farmers try to size a grain cart to holding capacity. “If you have a 600-bushel wagon, try to get a 600-bushel cart,” says Swartzrock. But also remember that you want a cart that is large enough to keep up with hauling grain from the combine to the trucks or wagons.

When did grain carts come out?

So, in Jon’s own words, here is the story of the first grain cart built 50 years ago in 1971. Our first grain wagon, the forerunner of the grain cart, was a four-wheeled version that I built in 1967 for the late Wayne Butler of Ladora, Iowa.

How much does a grain cart weigh?

The patented design allows 100% auger visibility while unloading and during the folding sequence. The cart weighs approximately 9,300 lbs. and has a standard PTO drive. It has an unloading time of about 2 min., and features the patented hydraulic flow control spout.

Where are Kinze grain carts made?

Williamsburg, Iowa
Made in Iowa. We take pride in saying these words when talking about our grain carts and row crop planters that are built at our manufacturing headquarters in Williamsburg, Iowa.

How much horsepower does it take to run a grain cart?

Preparing the Grain Cart for Use (see tractor recommendation for grain cart model below): Model 525-14W Grain Cart requires a 100 hp tractor or larger. Model 620-14, 750-14, 750-16 or 750-18 Grain Cart requires a 130 hp tractor or larger. Model 875-16 or 875-18 Grain Cart requires a 150 hp tractor or larger.

What is the Brandt XT graincart?

The all-new XT GrainCart from Brandt delivers the productivity you count on – and a whole lot more. Loading and unloading grain is easier than ever with the all-new XT Grain Carts from Brandt. These carts use simple innovations to eliminate common delays, helping you work faster and keep your combines moving.

Why choose Brent’s grain carts?

The innovative lineup of grain carts and grain wagons help increase efficiency for harvest operations all over the globe. With the ever-changing landscape of farming operations, Brent continues to innovate and develop new products that help meet the demanding needs of a growing population.

Who makes grain carts and grain wagons?

Brent Grain Handling Grain Carts & Grain Wagons Brent has been an industry leader in grain handling equipment for more than four decades. The innovative lineup of grain carts and grain wagons help increase efficiency for harvest operations all over the globe.

What’s new at Green Brandt grain cart?

New Green Brandt 820XR Grain Cart with tarp, load cell scale, Digistar GT560 w/GPS & WIFI module, and wired 2 camera system. (Cash Discount/No Trade Pricing Listed)