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Where is Laura Garcia now?

Where is Laura Garcia now?

Laura Garcia anchors weekday mornings, Today In The Bay and Midday In The Bay alongside Marcus Washington. This multiple Emmy award-winning journalist began her career in broadcasting in San Francisco before moving on to report and anchor in Fresno.

Is Scott McGrew married?

Scott McGrew (born September 26, 1967 in Lincoln, Nebraska) is an American reporter on television and radio….

Scott McGrew
Alma mater Iowa State University (BA)
Occupation Journalist
Spouse(s) Kristen Hansen ​ ( m. 1992⁠–⁠2014)​

Who is Jessica Aguirre married to?

Jay HuylerJessica Aguirre / Spouse

How old is Scott Mcgrew?

54 years (September 26, 1967)Scott McGrew / Age

Where is Audrey Asistio going?

Audrey Asistio has joined San Jose, Calif. NBC owned station KNTV as weekend anchor and reporter. The Bay Area native will anchor the weekend newscasts and join Terry McSweeney at 11 p.m. She’ll also report during the weekday.

Where is Anusha Rasta from?

Southern California
Rasta hails from Southern California, raised in Orange County and graduated with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied Mass Communications and Public Policy and was a video journalist for UCLA’s The Daily Bruin. Rasta has worked in the NBC family for many years.

Is Lawrence Karnow married?

Karnow is married to news reporter Sharon Chin.

Where is Jennifer Reyna now?

A familiar face in morning TV news has resurfaced. Veteran traffic reporter, anchor, and personality Jennifer Reyna will join KHOU 11, the station announced.

Who is Laura Garcia-cannon?

Laura Garcia (also earlier referred to as Laura Garcia-Cannon) is a multiple Emmy Award-winning journalist who anchors weekday news on KNTV’s show ‘Today in the Bay’ in California. Laura was raised with her three siblings in Porterville, California, by parents Mike and Ruth Garcia. They had a family business called ‘Cassidy’s Shoes’ on Main Street.

How old is Laura Garcia?

Laura Garcia is a multiple Emmy award-winning American news anchor and journalist. She has quality experience in the field of journalism. Growing up in a middle-class American family, she pursued her dream to be a proficient reporter, let’s look deeper into her life. Laura was born in Porterville, California on March 5, 1969.

Is Laura Garcia married to Brent cannon?

The couple got married in the year 1997. Image: Laura Garcia and her former husband Brent Cannon, Schweigert on the wedding day. After the blissful marriage, they were blessed with three children, a son Jack Schweigert and two daughters Katherine Schweigert and Claire Schweigert.

Who is Laura Cannon married to?

She was married to Brent Cannon, and they have triplets – Katherine, Claire, and Jack. She and her husband are now separated. Education : Laura attended Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California from 1987-1991.