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What programming language did MySpace use?

What programming language did MySpace use?

As Julia Angwin explains in her aforementioned 2009 book Stealing MySpace: The Battle to Control the Most Popular Site in America, MySpace’s lead developer quit one month after the site launched in 2003. This left the remaining team with a site written in Perl, which nobody else at the company was familiar with.

How is MySpace taught coding?

Myspace taught us basic coding Of course we all wanted the coolest custom profiles… and the only way to get it was to start messing around with HTML code. This was an awesome outlet for kids to get really creative, and ended up getting people interested in web design before they even knew what it really was.

How to make your own MySpace layout?


  • Green:
  • Blue:
  • Red:
  • Green: You can upload and use your own contact table at your own myspace layout generated by us!!!
  • Red:
  • Blue: You can upload and use your own contact table at your own myspace layout generated by us!!!
  • Green:
  • Blue:
  • Red:
  • How can I make my own MySpace layouts?

    Go here: Background Station and click “design my layout (as shown below)

  • You will now be taken to the Myspace Background Editor page click tab#2 (see below)
  • After this tab opens click the “Add your own” button.
  • Ok your almost there – now just select a “theme” and check out the other tabs for further customization.
  • How do you put a layout on MySpace?

    Search through our website until you find the myspace layout you want to use.

  • Go to the Layout Details page of the layout you want to use by clicking on Details.
  • Click inside the 2.0 ThemeCode box on the right of the layout image.
  • Login to your myspace,and in the top menu click PROFILE and then click CUSTOMIZE PROFILE in the drop down menu.
  • How do I make Myspace layout with Photobucket?

    Add Border Around Mid Section of 2.0 Profile

  • How to Move All Content on Profile Down to Show More Background in 2.0
  • Add Background Image Behind Display Name
  • Alternate Comments – Left Aligned Then Right Aligned Alternating
  • Scroll Box in About Me or Interests Section for 2.0