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What is the uniform of air hostess?

What is the uniform of air hostess?

Air India Cabin Crew Uniform Retaining the traditional sari as part of the air hostess uniform, the airline introduced Kurtis, churidars, and trousers to give its flight attendants a more contemporary look. Air India male attendants will now wear black trousers, a blue pinstripe shirt, a red tie, and a black jacket.

What is special about uniform of air hostess?

Dress Right: Standards of the Industry: Air Hostess uniforms must be spotless and ironed before the showtime while they are away from the base. Shirts are supposed to be tucked in. The Air Hostess is not allowed to change the original design of the uniform. However, some alterations for fitting can be done.

Do flight attendants wear uniforms?

The frontline employees, who are the backbone of the airline industry’s operations, from ticketing and gate agents to flight attendants and pilots, don their uniforms every time they report to work and represent their respective carriers while interacting with passengers.

Do air hostesses have to wear makeup?

The airline shared its new styling guidelines on Monday, stating that flight attendants can choose to go without makeup, but they are welcome to wear lipsticks and foundations from its existing colour palette if they wish to.

Can airhostess work after marriage?

Originally Answered: Can I become an air hostess after a marriage? Private airlines take married women as air hostess subject to certain age limit . Govt airlines like Air India ,Indian Airlines do not take married ladies as air hostess . Those who have crossed 35 -40 are given ground duty or office work .

Can flight attendants have long hair?

The general rule for male flight attendants is that their hair should be clean, neat, and cut in a classic, conservative style. Just like with female flight attendants, hair must not exceed shoulder-length.

Why do air hostesses have to wear red lipstick?

She revealed that the reason cabin crew members wear bright lipstick on flights is, “so passengers can read your lips during an emergency.”