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What is the plot of the movie Hairspray?

What is the plot of the movie Hairspray?

In 1960s Baltimore, dance-loving teen Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) auditions for a spot on “The Corny Collins Show” and wins. She becomes an overnight celebrity, a trendsetter in dance, fun and fashion. Perhaps her new status as a teen sensation is enough to topple Corny’s reigning dance queen and bring racial integration to the show.Hairspray / Film synopsis

What is the main message of Hairspray?

The story’s core messages of self-love, acceptance, and social activism continue to resonate across generations. Set in 1962, Hairspray reflects a time in American history that lived on the precipice of the greatest wave of social change in the 20th century.

What is the climax of Hairspray the movie?

The moment that best overlaps the spirit of the original Hairspray with the sensibility of the remake is during the climax of the latter, when Inez forces her way onstage during the Miss Hairspray pageant and gains more votes for her dance moves than either Amber or Tracy.

Who wins Miss Hairspray?

Seaweed’s sister, and Motormouth Maybelle’s daughter, Little Inez, is the one who wins the coveted Miss Teenage Hairspray title at the end of the film.

Is Hairspray a satire?

“Hairspray” (opening Friday at selected theaters) is a deliriously fast and funny satire of the ’60s that marks John Waters’ best shot yet at mainstream audiences.

What does Tracy’s father do for a living in Hairspray?

Wilbur Turnblad is a central character in Hairspray. Is the father of protagonist, Tracy Turnblad and the husband of Edna Turnblad. Unlike his wife he encourages Tracy to pursue her dreams. Wilbur owns The Hardy Har Hut, a joke shop located under the Turnblad family’s apartment.

Why did Tracy dye her hair?

This scene explains why Tracy’s hair changes from brown to blonde between scenes. As a tribute to Divine’s performance, productions of the stage musical cast a man as Edna. During a road trip to promote the film following its release, John Waters and Divine were making the circuit.

Why does Tracy’s hair change in Hairspray?

There was a scene filmed but cut, where, prior to her Corny Collins audition, Tracy breaks into Amber’s house, destroys Amber’s room, and dyes her hair blonde. This scene explains why Tracy’s hair changes from brown to blonde between scenes.

Why is Tracy’s mom a man?

When the film was adapted for Broadway and premiered in 2002. Fierstein auditioned and won the role for the Broadway production with Waters’ blessing, according to The Advocate in 2002, a casting choice that seemed to cement the tradition of Edna being played by a man.

How does Hairspray end?

Having been bailed out by Wilbur, Seaweed and his friends help Tracy and Penny escape. Link visits Tracy’s house to find her, and realizes that he loves her. Seaweed and Penny also acknowledge their love during the escape.

Why is Edna in Hairspray always played by a man?

He won the Tony on Broadway, it’s great that he’s playing it. But the reason it’s always a man is because that’s a secret the audience has. The cast, Tracy Turnblad doesn’t think her mother is a man. It’s a secret the audience has.

What are the names of the characters in Hairspray?

– Paul Dooley as Harriman F. – Jayne Eastwood as Miss Wimsey, Tracy’s geography teacher, who gives Tracy the detention note that first leads her to Seaweed. – Jerry Stiller as Mr. – Taylor Parks as Little Inez Stubbs, Maybelle’s teenage daughter and Seaweed’s younger sister, and a skilled dancer. – George King as Mr.

Who are the main characters in Hairspray?

The cast also featured Matthew Morrison as Link, Laura Bell Bundy as Amber, Kerry Butler as Penny, Linda Hart as Velma, Mary Bond Davis as Motormouth Maybelle, Corey Reynolds as Seaweed, Jackie Hoffman as Matron, Dick Latessa as Wilbur, and Clarke Thorell as Corny Collins. Kamilah Marshall, Shayna Steele, and Judine Richard played the Dynamites.

What is the plot of the musical Hairspray?

The plot unfolds in the era of the 1960s, the time of bright costumes, magnificent hairstyles and pep music. At this time from scenes and radio broadcasts, jazz and blues went off almost entirely, losing own iconic popularity and new styles and fashion trends were emerging. The action takes place in Baltimore.

What is the Hairspray story?

The original movie of Hairspray is set in Baltimore in 1962. It tells the story of a plump teenage girl named Tracy Turnblad who has two goals: to win a dance competition on a local television show and to protest racial discrimination and segregation. Stars of the original film included Ricki Lake as Tracy Turnblad, Divine as her mother Edna Turnblad and Jerry Stiller as her father Wilbur Turnblad.